“Make in INDIA” brings IP Regime Change

Einfolge anticipated the change and took a step to understand the global market’s need and requirement in the field of Patent and IPR.

Online PR News – 16-October-2015 – Bangalore – “Make in India” is the major national program organized by the Indian Government to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. This campaign encourages International Investors to setup their manufacturing plant in various cities in the country. The domestic manufacturing industries are encouraged to enhance their R & D team to support innovation. Innovation of any kind leads to Intellectual Property Rights involvement.
Einfolge anticipated the change and took a step to understand the global market’s need and requirement.
To make awareness especially for Start-Ups, SMEs, Mid size Companies and MNCs; Einfolge has conducted a series of webinars and stated the need of IP protection and Proliferation. Make in India is a dream project of Government of India focusing mainly for the Manufacturing sectors. While government policy should promote innovations and its protection; other stakeholders should too be aware of the rights, responsibilities, laws to protect, promote and enhance the innovations. The Government has drafted certain guidelines to address the Global concern and fears associated with patent regime in India especially coming up due to the recent cases in Pharma industry. It is equally important that the mindset of people in general changes.
China which had black spot in Patent rights few years back has robust IP regime now. It has become the second highest patent filer in the world. And this is also to do with its becoming the Mecca of Manufacturing. Einfolge’s Director Binod Singh commenting on this current state of affairs said-“Make in India success depends on how well the issues of IP protection is addressed to the concern of the global companies and international bodies. Only a Strong and Effective IP regime will get the confidence on investment, innovation and manufacturing. And each participant - Startups, SMEs, MNCs as well as the Government has equal responsibilities to perform. Being a leading IP solutions provider, we wanted to communicate the right message. These series of webinars as well participating in startup meets in Bangalore, gave the platform to communicate the same”
Binod further said “Einfolge will continue to take active participation in similar activities to promote the IP regime changes which the Government of India has come up for its pet project “Make in India”
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