MSBI Online Training

MSBI is an online course in onlineitguru with well and good experienced faculty which provide live projects too.

Online PR News – 16-October-2015 – hyderabad/A.P – MSBI stands for “Microsoft Business Intelligence”. It’s a powerful tool; it makes information in ‘ETL’ format. Where ETL is (Extract Transform and Load) tool.

The main concept present in MSBI is ETL tool it makes easy to find a solution. MSBI Uses Visual studio and SQL Server.

There are 3 types of Tools in MSBI

SSIS Integration Tool
SSAS Analysis Tool
SSRS Reporting Tool
SSIS Integration Tool: There are 2 types of packages present in SSIS Integration Tool they are:

SSIS Deployment Package
SSIS Management Package
SAS Analysis Tool: There are 2 types in Analysis of SSAS Tool:

SSAS Clients
SSAS Reporting Services
SSRS Reporting Tool:

Authoring Reports
Expressions of Leverages
Sorting& Grouping of Information
Filtering and Parameterized concepts
Deploying &Delivering Reports
This tool makes users to access information accurately and makes work easily. It is easy to enhance business ability.

Development of Business Intelligence Tool:

>> Data Flow

>> Data Source

>> Transformation of Data Flow

>> Dynamic Data Flow

>> Destinations Data Flow

>> Data Flow in Advanced

>> Control Flow & their configurations