Fort Myers Title Company Celebrates Ten Years in the Real Estate Market

Local title insurance owner begins business on crashing market. One decade later, you won't believe what happened.

Online PR News – 15-October-2015 – Fort Myers, Florida – 10 years ago, Jennifer Ferri, the owner and operator of Title Junction, built her business upon a foundation of adversity. Right after she opened her doors, the real estate market crashed. Not only this, but she was without a staff and running her business completely alone. How do you grow a plant in a storm without any tools? Most would have and certainly did give up. Fast forward ten years, Jennifer Ferri’s staff learns from and works alongside her as the roots of her business grow deeper.

This is an incredible honor

But how did she make it? When asked this question Jennifer replied that "Failing wasn’t an option. I was committed to the success of this business even if its’ greatest challenge was the initial startup."

Even when faced with the recent trials and tribulations concerning TRID training ten years later, Jennifer didn’t simply learn what was required and move on, she took it to the next step and educated herself to such an extent that she felt comfortable enough to teach others. This is a great example and representation of how Jennifer has created such a successful and quality agency. She has exemplified the idea that it isn’t about meeting goals, it’s about how far you can exceed them. Jennifer demonstrates that a business in this constantly changing industry cannot take short cuts if it wants to both survive and prosper.

Taking notice of this, Old Republic requested to meet with her recently and upon their meeting, Jennifer received a plaque recognizing Title Junction’s 10 year achievement. "This is an incredible honor," Jennifer states, "but I believe that this is just a milestone to this agency." When asked about Title Junction’s future Jennifer exclaims how excited she is to meet and make connections with even more home buyers as well as realtors within the community. Jennifer also plans to become involved within community outreach and real estate public awareness to an even greater degree than before.

Title Junction has made a significant impact upon the state of Florida and its’ home owners giving them, for many decades to come, "the closing relationship they deserve".

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