ReadSpeaker’s TextAid partners with Jovan Haye to bring inspiration to struggling readers

ReadSpeaker continues to put its technology expertise to work improving the lives of those with reading difficulties everywhere.

Online PR News – 15-October-2015 – McLean, Virginia – Jovan Haye is an inspiring individual and ReadSpeaker is particularly proud to partner with this former NFL player and successful entrepreneur. Jovan also happens to be dyslexic and has made it his goal to improve awareness around this particular learning disability.

Just in time for October Dyslexia Awareness month, ReadSpeaker TextAid will include a copy of Jovan Haye’s book “Bigger Than Me,” which tells of how he conquered dyslexia as a boy and continued on to study at prestigious Vanderbilt University, play with the NFL and become a highly successful entrepreneur.

When users sign in to their ReadSpeaker TextAid account, or sign up for a free trial they will find the inspiring account of how Jovan overcame his learning disability and accessed the power that pushed him forward and allowed him to triumph on and off the playing field. With the click of a button they will be able to listen to Jovan’s story, while following along with the highlighted text.

“Jovan’s story and his work in the Dyslexia community matches our own ethos of supporting struggling readers. We are delighted by the idea of a user opening our tool and having this sort of content accessible and ready to be listened to. It’s exciting for us to pair our empowering tool with Jovan’s inspiring content.” – Steve Moore, General Manager ReadSpeaker, North America.

Whether in a learning context or in everyday life, struggling readers have a multitude of challenges, ranging from simply decoding and understanding text to staying motivated and battling self-esteem issues. Students and educators have added issues of learning at grade-level and finding resources for supplementary help.

This is where ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology can help. Read-aloud solutions are a proven aid in helping struggling readers face these challenges, whether they are dyslexic, learning in a second language or simply have comprehension issues. ReadSpeaker TextAid uses read-aloud functionalities within the context of a complete reading and writing solution, helping those with reading challenges understand content, while assisting those with learning disabilities to become confident, autonomous readers.

Easy to use, ReadSpeaker TextAid is a personal, 100% web-based tool. That means no downloads, and the ability to use the software anytime, anywhere and on any device. This gives readers a previously unknown independence.

And ReadSpeaker’s web-based solutions make pricing affordable. Starting at just $39 for a 6- month subscription, ReadSpeaker TextAid prices are reasonable for both parents and educational institutions, bringing the best in literacy support within reach of everyone.

In addition Jovan and ReadSpeaker will be working together in a longer term capacity, with ReadSpeaker speech-enabling Jovan’s website to make its text content more accessible, attending events, and working together to increase awareness of dyslexia and the educational technology tools that can help.

“ReadSpeaker’s technology gives those with reading issues the autonomy they need to succeed. We have similar goals and I’m pleased to be working with such a dedicated team.” – Jovan Haye

ReadSpeaker’s vision
ReadSpeaker believes that technology enhances the learning experience and is an invaluable tool to help students achieve academic success that leads to fulfilled lives. ReadSpeaker strives to make its technology easy to implement and easy to use for individuals, teachers, institutions and publishers. Our mission is to make text-to-speech accessible to students anywhere, anytime and on any device. From K12 to universities, for struggling readers, language learners, and continuous education, the ReadSpeaker team is a well-respected contributor to educational technology.

For additional information, a feature list or a to see a demo, contact:
Steve Moore
General Manager, North America ReadSpeaker
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About ReadSpeaker, a leader in educational technology
ReadSpeaker® is the worldwide leader in online text to speech. In 1999, ReadSpeaker pioneered the first-ever speech-enabling solution for websites followed by the first web-based platform for producing digital talking books, and it has been leading the way ever since. Our best-selling technology has helped over 10,000 customers and millions of users worldwide, in sectors such as education, government, media and non-profit. At ReadSpeaker our rich experience working with educational establishments has allowed us to create a literacy support service designed specifically with learners’ and administrators’ needs in mind. Using state-of-the-art cloud-based text-to-speech (TTS) technology, ReadSpeaker provides learners with the ability to listen to text content, using bimodal presentation to improve comprehension. By providing different ways of accessing content both for individuals and as integrated read-aloud solutions for the leading educational LMS systems, ReadSpeaker actively promotes Universal Design for Learning (UDL). And ReadSpeaker’s seamlessly integrated technology requires no downloads, functioning on all supported devices and operating systems, further enabling users who would otherwise have to download and install third-party software.

About Jovan Haye
According to the NCAA, only 9 in 10,000 high school senior football players eventually play for the National Football League. Jovan Haye achieved that rare dream, despite overwhelming odds.
Born in poverty, he immigrated to the U.S., lived in violent low-income neighborhoods, suffered abuse at home, and believed he was “a dumb kid” because of undiagnosed dyslexia and a host of dyslexia-related conditions.

Jovan then discovered his gift for athletics. His success in team sports gave him confidence to face other challenges and to overcome his biggest obstacle of all - severe dyslexia. He became an honor roll student, graduated from Vanderbilt and went on to play for seven years in the NFL.

Now Jovan Haye is a husband, proud father, and the owner of many successful businesses. He also has authored a book entitled "Bigger Than Me" where he tells how he accessed the power that pushed him forward and allowed him to triumph on and off the playing field.