MIND YOGA – the First App to Watch the Mental Side of Yoga Training – Launched by MyndPlay

A mobile app measuring the brainwaves during yoga exercises will revolutionize the spiritual side of practice

Online PR News – 15-October-2015 – 15th October 2015, London – MyndPlay has released a new mobile app that enables yoga practitioners to observe and analyse their own brain activity during yoga sessions. Using the benefits of neurofeedback, the app revolutionizes the way yoga is practiced by measuring the brainwaves and providing instant feedback on the user’s mental state.

The app was created to help people concentrate on emotional training, transforming negative thoughts, relax and balance the mental state to improve the life wellbeing and get the most of yoga training.

MIND YOGA is an app consisting of a variety of yoga exercises, to be repeated by the practitioner. Using innovative technology, the app measures the mental state of a person during the session and gives an immediate report on how relaxed and focused one really is during the practice. As users improve their meditation/focus score, further exercises can be unlocked to enable increasingly effective mindfulness training.
MIND YOGA is one of a number of the apps created by the company. The distinctive feature of MyndPlay is using modern neurofeedback technology that measures brain activity and enables the viewer to receive immediate feedback on performance while they interact with the video. A simple dry sensor headset can be set up within a few minutes, giving the user the ability to choose the length of the session and the difficulty level. This means that both yoga beginners and professionals can fine-tune their practice.

The app is now available to purchase on the company website and Google Play for £5.99. It will be compatible with Mac, PC, Android and iOS and requires MyndPlay BrainBandXL or Neurosky MindWave Mobile headset. A special promotion is valid for a MindWave Mobile MindYoga Bundle offering a headset and an app for £99 on the website.

Company information: MyndPlay is a UK based neurofeedback technology, research and media company and the creator of the world’s first interactive mind controlled video and movie platform. The company is known for its neurofeedback hardware and software for research and home use, neuromarketing research services, interactive video content for home-based entertainment, brain-training, training for peak sports performance, and unique user experiences, including interactive mind controlled films with multiple narratives.
MyndPlay has worked on emotional brain training apps for sports performance with Manchester City FC, collaborated with Nissan Motorsport and Parkour Generations (London Academy) among others, and was the first to combine neurofeedback with Thought Field Therapy.