NetZealous proudly announces completion of seminar on Pharmaceutical Water Systems

NetZealous Proudly Announces Completion of Hugely Successful Seminar on “Mastering Biofilm Control and Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Water Systems” in Mumbai

Online PR News – 16-October-2015 – Mumbai – Mumbai, October 14, 2015: GlobalCompliancePanel has done it again. As part of its ongoing efforts to bring industry leaders up-close with Experts in the field of regulatory compliance with the intention of facilitating top class learning, GlobalCompliancePanel, NetZealous’ flagship company has conducted yet another highly successful and result-oriented, two-day, in-person live seminar.
Senior professionals such as Nandini Varma, Supplier Quality Manager, GMS Quality at GSK, Jeevan Kasture, Associate Director –Engineering, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Sundar Kumar M, DGM (EM), Laurus Labs Pvt. Ltd, Vishwanath Malkar, Quality Control at Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd, Dipayan Palit, Manager – QA & Validation at Wockhardt, Alkesh Patel, Manager –Quality Assurance, Lupin Limited, Anant Khandarkar, Manager - Corporate Quality Assurance, Lupin Limited and Michael, Quality Department, Global Manufacturing and Supply at GSK, whose names dot the Indian and global pharmaceutical landscape, descended in Mumbai over two days of incisive and insightful learning on ways to master Biofilm Control, Monitoring and Excursion Investigations of Pharmaceutical Water Systems.
The speaker was none other than the globally acknowledged guru on Pharmaceutical Water Systems, Dr. Teri C Soli. Dr. Soli is Principal Consultant, Soli Pharma Solutions.
Two days of learning, exchange of ideas, and of course, fun
When honchos from leading pharmaceuticals companies get to rub shoulders with each other, the result is sure to be dynamic and exhilarating. That is just what happened in Mumbai over the two days of this exciting conference. Some of the core areas of pharmaceutical water systems that these participants learnt about and walked back satisfied included:
o What Makes Water Systems Have Microbial Quality Problems
o Successful Sanitization Approaches for Trouble-Free Water Quality
o Water System Validation by Logic Instead of Tradition
o Implementing Changes to a Validated System
o Reducing Water Microbial Excursions & Improving Investigations
o Understanding and Controlling Endotoxin
o Harmonizing vs Optimizing Water Microbial Testing for System Quality Control
o Microbial Enumeration Issues with High Purity Water Systems
o Water System Investigation "How-To's" and Example Case Studies
o What USP Does and Doesn't Say about PW, WFI, Pure Steam and Micro Issues
In other words, all that needs to be made known about Pharmaceutical Water Systems was made known over these two days.
The crux of the learning exchanged at this seminar related to how the speaker cleared several misconceptions about various aspects of pharmaceutical water systems. Many organizations overlook the proper design, validation, operation, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and excursion investigations of a High Purity Water System.
Many professionals don't realize that lack of this understanding can result in costly system downtime or even product recalls. Dr. Soli explained, in his inimitable masterly style, what actually lies behind some common water system designs, and went on to bust a few myths about the same.
Pharmaceutical Biofilms, especially those in water systems, thrive on fear and hype. No long term biofilm control can be achieved using a one-size-fits-all set of rules for design and operation. Biofilm can be controlled only when it is fully grasped. This is all the more important because each water system is unique. Water systems professionals need to get to the root of biofilm grows into their system, which, obviously, would be quite different from any other system.
The learning imparted at this course is translatable to any system, with the result that uneventful microbial control can be achieved. This is the foundation to effective operation and design. The costs of failure far outweigh the educational costs that could have prevented it.
This seminar was pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for up to 12 credits towards a participant's RAC recertification upon full completion. This means that participants not only got to imbibe the most valuable lessons relating to pharmaceutical water systems; they also got certified for doing so. This goes a long way in helping them advance their careers!
All-round acclaim
Satisha Naraharimurthy, CEO of NetZealous, which owns GlobalCompliancePanel, is jubilant about the completion of this highly successful and enjoyable seminar. Says he: “This seminar was aimed at reinforcing and enhancing our presence in the Indian pharma market. This seminar is part of our global seminars, which are held in all parts of the world from North and South America to Europe to the Middle East to South and Southeast Asia. Our aim was to offer senior pharma water systems professionals from India and other south Asian countries an opportunity to share their ideas on this core area. From what happened during these two days, I can confidently say that we have accomplished our purpose. The roaring success of this seminar motivates us to organize such seminars and those covering more related areas more frequently. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all the participants and our honorable Speaker, Dr. Soli, for having attended and made this two-day event a resounding success”.
About the speaker:
T.C. Soli is a Ph.D. Microbiologist and President of Soli Pharma Solutions, Inc. (, and since becoming a full time consultant, has served consumer products and FDA-Regulated industries with training and troubleshooting expertise. The areas he has covered include Water Systems, Sterilization, aseptic processing, Microbiological and beta-lactam contamination control and Microbiological Laboratory Operations. Soli has also served as a Pharmaceutical expert witness in several contamination litigations.
Prior to full time consulting, he had 25 years of diverse “Big Pharma” operating company experience. During his 31+ year career, he has lectured extensively at conferences, authored numerous papers and has recently written several book chapters related to water system microbiology for USP, PDA and ISPE publications.
He is currently serving in his third five-year term on USP Expert Committees responsible for Pharmaceutical Waters through which he authored the complete rewrite of USP Chapter 1231, which many consider to be USP's "pharmaceutical water bible".
About NetZealous
NetZealous LLC is a Fremont, CA based professional trainings provider. It offers trainings through a number of contemporary mediums such as webinars, seminars and Consulting to professionals around the globe. The highlights of NetZealous’ trainings are that they are relevant, current and focused, and hence extremely useful in helping professionals advance their careers. Many of NetZealous’ trainings are certified by respective accreditation bodies, such as Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).
GlobalCompliancePanel, as NetZealous’ prime brand, specializes in offering seminars on a wide range of topics in the Regulatory Compliance area. Its seminars are held throughout the year in all continents of the world.
While leveraging the latest technologies in offering these trainings to professionals; NetZealous also ensures that some of the best names in respective industries work with them as trainers, or Experts, as they are known in industry circles.
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