Abortion Pills Telemedicine Service Activates in Australia

Australian women can now access RU-486 abortion pill over the phone.

Online PR News – 16-October-2015 – San Antonio, Texas – October 14, 2015 (www.abortionpillrx.com): Australian women can now access RU-486 abortion pill over the phone, which will be delivered to the given address. They can get the medications at $250; book themselves for blood tests and ultrasounds. The telemedicine is setup by Tabbot Foundation. As this service is popular in Australia, offering medical pregnancy termination over a call will enhance the access of healthcare in places where surgical aspirations centers or qualified abortionists are unavailable.

Women can order abortion pills by ringing on 1800 180 880, making the service more affordable and accessible. The doctors can also arrange for ultrasounds, blood tests etc. The Tabbot Foundation is working with psychologists, lawyers and doctors to assure that the service legal in patient care. Their priority is wellbeing of the patient, as per Jenny Ejlak, the co-president of Reproductive Choice Australia. In Australia, RU-486 tablet was legalized in the year of 2006.

However, there has not been much progress about the distribution of these tablets to people. Ejlak says that they are providing a service similar to how a person visits clinic or a GP to get medical pregnancy termination. But, in telemedicine, there is no need of physical travel for females. It will benefit the regions the most where licensed doctors and good abortion clinics are not up to the mark, or inaccessible. The service is cheaper at $250, which can cost around $300 to $600, if procured from elsewhere.

The Foundation has also put up database for ultrasound services. The doctor can refer the same to women over the phone. It is vital for having these service providers from board, so that women can get apt care by ultrasound before and after medically ending her pregnancy. Ejlak said the prescribing medicine on call was very normal in Australia. She opines that if the doctors can effectively communicate with patients, then their objective is achieved. The telemedicine option is significant for females.
It is a unique approach when compared to past methods of dispensing medications. With this providence, the women can access abortion pills from anywhere in the country, even regions where such medications are hard to obtain. Moreover, the patients can use the tablets privately without approaching local pharmacies and hospitals. This gives a woman complete control over her reproductive health. However, Ejlak agrees that medical termination is not an option for everybody. It will require careful screening methods.

There would be females who are nor suitable for the medicines ending pregnancy, and they will have to choose an alternative like vacuum aspiration. However, Tabbot Foundation will not be catering telemedicine for RU486 tablets for the Northern territory, Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia, as it would illegal. Similarly, in NSW and Queensland pregnancy termination is yet a crime, but can be carried out if permitted by a doctor. Ejlak says that they are prepared for the objections.

24 hour hotlines will be available for patient, and a nurse will call her a day after. Counseling will also be provided to females who have undergone pregnancy termination, and details about the medication will be given with the kit. It can be offered to doctor, in case of any complications. Susan Fahey, the chief executive of Women’s Legal Service in Tasmania, who aided in writing the Reproductive Health Act, thinks that if this service is performed properly, then it could be excellent for women. She raises concerns about females who could be forced into pregnancy termination by others.

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