Ballantyne Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery of Charlotte NC Adds Nonsurgical Kybella Product Line

New nonsurgical product line, Kybella, debuts at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery of Charlotte, NC.

Online PR News – 14-October-2015 – Charlotte, NC – Ballantyne Plastic Surgery continues to provide a vast line of state-of-the-art nonsurgical products to its clientele. Now, clients have the option of using Kybella , which eliminates fat in the neck area, more commonly known as the ‘double chin’.

Ballantyne Plastic Surgery is located in Charlotte, NC and has become the area leader for aesthetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Dr. Liszka consults with every client before any kind of procedure and will thoroughly explain the benefits of choosing Kybella.

The FDA has approved Kyballa for the purpose of reducing submental fat, which is found in the upper neck. Furthermore, Kybella is the only drug of its kind that has been clinically proven to work effectively.

Kybella is administered through an injection and requires no anesthesia. Minimal swelling exists following the injection and even the smallest signs of bruising disappear within 72 hours of receiving the injection. The general treatment usually requires anywhere from two to four treatments, which are conducted in four to six week increments.

Results are apparent within a few weeks of receiving the injection. The unsightly double chin can now be a thing of the past for patients young and old with this exciting and revolutionary new product.

Kybella has been growing in popularity and making headlines online, in print and also on television. Kybella has been featured on NBC’s ‘Today’ television show and continues to become more and more of a household name. The New York Post featured an article that revealed an overwhelming number of men are ‘lining up’ to get Kybella treatments. This is a nonsurgical solution that is being embraced by both men and women in an era where plastic surgery is becoming a unisex procedure.

Some clients describe Kybella as a way ‘to get a chiseled jawline’ while others have labeled it as the ‘new Botox’ for its ease of injection and limited down time. The demand for Kybella is increasing by the day and it is becoming a trend that is very similar to the way Botox was once the ‘must-have’ injection.

The use of Kybella is catching on around the world and now that it has been approved by the FDA, it is in demand pretty much everywhere. From Australia to the UK, people are reaping the benefits offered by Kybella injections.

Ballantyne Plastic Surgery offers this product in addition to many other top-quality services, products and procedures. The Ballantyne staff always takes the proper precautions before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery or nonsurgical procedure. That includes discussing any risks, side effects and recommended treatments with each patient. As experienced professionals, Dr Liszka and his staff at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery recommend Kybella to qualified candidates and must emphasize that not everyone is a candidate. The Ballantyne staff strives to make sure every client is a perfect fit with each procedure.

To get more information about Kybella or other aesthetic procedures at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery call 704-413-3566 or visit online at . Check out Ballantyne Plastic Surgery in person at 14135 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 150, Charlotte, NC 28277.

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