TransCirrus announces the v2.3 release of its Flex Infrastructure Operating Environment

Version 2.3 of TransCirrus’ Flex Infrastructure Operating Environment includes a completely revamped Coalesce User Interface and several other key enhancements

Online PR News – 16-October-2015 – Research Triangle Park, NC – Research Triangle Park, NC

October 13, 2015

TransCirrus is excited to announce the general release of v2.3-0 of its user empowering software. In response to multiple customer inputs, we have made enhancements in several key areas:

· USER INTERFACE: Release 2.3 includes the first release of the completely revamped Coalesce User Interface. Sporting a completely new look and feel, the more intuitive layout significantly improves the overall management experience for everyone from cloud administrators to users.

· METERING: Additional metrics have been added to the previous 2.2 release, providing administrators and users much better insight into available cloud resources

· SECURITY: Shibboleth is among the world’s most widely deployed open source federated identity solutions, providing SSO and additional security features to its users. A long time feature request by TransCirrus’ University Research customers, Shibboleth combined with OpenStack is a welcome offering in this space.

· 3rd PARTY STORAGE: Early on, TransCirrus recognized that many of its customers desired to maintain their relationship their current storage vendors, so we initiated support for 3rd party storage via “connectors” that integrate the target vendor into the Coalesce User Interface. TransCirrus is pleased to add Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL) to NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) as companies whose products are supported by TransCirrus 3rd party storage connectors.

Combined, these improvements significantly enhance the User Empowerment offered to TransCirrus’ customers, enabling the best of private and public cloud solutions.

About TransCirrus

TransCirrus, the Infrastructure User Empowerment Company, emerged from its founders’ experience building and managing data centers for private sector technology firms. This perspective inspired the team to create a user-empowered approach to cloud deployment, management and operation. The TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure Operating Environment is available either as software or a HyperConverged suite of appliances – depending on customer preference. More information about TransCirrus can be found on its website: TransCirrus Inc.