Premium Quality Loom Bands Kit Is Now Introduced By Kiserena

Kiserena’s High Quality Loom Bands Kit for arts and crafts market in the US

Online PR News – 18-October-2015 – House Springs/MO – Parents today have a difficult time prying their kids away from their smartphones and other gadgets, and want them to do something beneficial and good for the health. While electronic games work by making an adrenaline rush and no one else to play with, craft toys like loom bands help develop vital skills such as cooperation between two or more kids.

It is claimed that loom bands are a great way to get the kids away from video games. This is also said to develop social skills in a way that kids share bracelets with their friends and create their own as well. Moreover, loom bands can offer to kids further benefits such as: persistence in trying to create bracelets, patience to keep trying again, fine motor skills by putting all those tiny bands together, following directions whether the patterns are simple or complicated, visualization by pondering what will it look like when created with a pattern, creativity by choosing the rubber band colors and decides how to put them together, build self-esteem, and engaging the kids in diverse learning styles.

Loom bands can create a huge range of forms, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair accessories, dolls, barbie doll clothes, animal figures, key chain, and many more. It offers to kids an opportunity to invent and spend time with their siblings or friends. Also, this craft device is quite pleasantly paradoxical, in these tech-saturated periods that a low tech craft toy has easily dominated the complicated electronic games.

Getting the hearts and imaginations of the kids and craft enthusiasts alike stirred up, the Kiserena Company introduces their Loom Bands Complete Collection Organizer Storage Kit on Kiserena makes it complete and simple for the kids to create bracelet bands with their product made particularly for the art and craft toy market.

According to the company, kids cannot be delimited to small quantities when they are creating loom band bracelets. The Kiserena Loom Kit includes a total of 4000 latex, phthalate and lead free rubber bands in 10 different rainbow colors, such as red, navy blue, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue, violet, black and white. Kiserena rubber bands are compatible with Rainbow Loom and other loom band brands and are organized in one storage case with secure dividers. The kit also includes 170 S-clips, 10 PVC charms, plenty of colorful beads, and a sheet of basic loom instructions for more artistic and creative experience.

Kiserena says that their loom bands kit can easily get young children to completely forget that distressing TV screen keeping the kids occupied for hours and developing valuable skills. This craft toy is backed by the company's lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee ensuring risk-free purchasing and customers' complete satisfaction. The Kiserena Loom Kit can be purchased exclusively on for $21.99 with free shipping on orders over $35 or with Amazon Prime.