Solarmaster is Offering Window Frosting in Brisbane for Improved Privacy and Protection

Solarmaster is offering highly effective window frosting for enhanced privacy and protection of any space.

Online PR News – 18-October-2015 – QLD – Solarmaster is a window tinting company that is offering window frosting in Brisbane. This is another amazing addition to the company’s extensive offerings, which helps keep any indoor space safe, secure, and protected.

Why do you need to go for Window Frosting?

Window frosting is a good way to not only add to the privacy of an interior space, but to keep the environment cooler. Furthermore, due to the texture of these tints, they are great for adding to the aesthetic appeal of any place.
Solarmaster also offers customised office window tinting to clients that want their windows to complement their brand’s theme. Businesses can also choose to add their logo to their windows to create a solid brand identity.

Window Frosting for a Greener Environment

The window frosting offered by Solarmaster is an environmental-friendly product that helps secure the environment by conserving energy. These tints protect the indoor space from scorching heat of the sun, keeping the interior space cool. This means that with these frostings on your windows, you will be able to save a lot of costs on energy bills.

Enhanced Privacy with Obscure-View Tinting

A spokesperson from Solarmaster explained about the company’s tinting products for improved privacy saying, “Our obscure-view tinting services are especially designed for commercial use. These tints are perfect for office boardrooms where managers hold highly confidential meetings. These tints block external visibility, helping turn any office space more private.”
The spokesperson from the company further added, “We also have a solution to vandalism for our commercial clients. Our anti-graffiti tints are great for keeping your windows and doors protected from damage. So, even if someone tries to destroy your windows, they can’t with our anti-graffiti window tints in place.”

About the Company

Established in 1972 in Brisbane, Solarmaster is a family owned business that deals in window films or tinted screens of all kinds. They believe in providing cost effective and efficient screening system for both residential and commercial properties. They are known for their products, services, as well as customer care, as for them there is nothing more important than the complete satisfaction of their clients. They cater to the needs of both old and new properties. Unlike other companies, Solarmaster is concerned about the environment too, which is why they came up with their energy efficient range.

Contact Information

Address: 1/14 Palmer Place, Murarrie QLD 4172
Phone: 07 3890 0033
Fax: 07 3890 0300