A revolutionary healthcare experience awaits us

MEDBOX™ is a collaborative platform healthcare solution providing end-to-end services.

Online PR News – 18-October-2015 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – MEDBOX™ – Simplifying Healthcare, Simplifying life

MEDBOX™ is a collaborative platform healthcare solution providing end-to-end services and envision India where consumers can find easiest and best of healthcare services with a smartphone. MEDBOX™ provides services from searching a doctor to online appointment booking, from online medical prescription to healthcare record keeping.

Healthcare industry is expanding very fast in India in terms of revenue and employment but access to effective healthcare is still critical to those in times of need. We talk of technical advancements in healthcare sector and also that India’s National Health Policy draft 2015 intends to make it a fundamental right. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be going that way as we see millions of Indians struggle to get good healthcare services every single day.

Today, a good healthcare is not easily accessible and if anyone happens to get it, their experience is not very pleasant or satisfying one. Healthcare record management is also a painful job for the medical and healthcare institutions as maintaining the heavy files of reports and prescription, need to be updated every time the patient wants to see a doctor and also the fact that patient reports are hardly analyzed by all doctors which is obviously a very critical as well as tiresome job.

Considering this MEDBOX™ is evolved, a product of b2c digital pvt. ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

“Our product is sure to bring a revolution in the healthcare industry, and we are working towards making the healthcare process quite accessible and easy for all those who need it”, reports Mr. Prateek Kothari – Asst. Product Head for the same.

Till now MEDBOX™ serves to all the major verticals of healthcare industry viz. doctors, patients, pharmacy stores, and diagnostic centers and envision to cover hospitals, emergency services, medical insurance and many more.

“We are quite positive about this project and also aim to bring this service at a platform where it can be reached by maximum number of patients in need. We hope to make the entire healthcare and medical treatment procedure a very smooth and easy one for all”, says Mr. Suyash K – Cofounder and CEO, b2c digital pvt. ltd.

Their services includes searching for the right doctor, finding locations of clinics on map, booking online appointments, store personal medical/health records, search for pharmacies and diagnostic centers according to geo-locations, book lab tests, order medicines by prescription uploading etc.

And the most essential feature being all the medical records can be stored on cloud database which are secured by HIPAA compliant secured servers.

Hence, this is certainly an initiative towards better healthcare experience in rapidly growing digital world aiming to make easier, faster and accessible way to stay healthy.