Polish Actress Diana Matlak To Star in Gaurav Bhatt's Upcoming Music Video

Actress Diana Matlak will star in Gaurav Bhatt's music video for the song Raat Bhar directed by Aditya J. Patwardhan

Online PR News – 12-October-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Originally from Poland, actress Diana Matlak has proven through various productions over the years that her talent appeals to international audiences and filmmakers alike. The actress has recently been solidified to star in Gaurav Bhatt's upcoming music video for the song "Raat Bhar," which will be directed by Aditya J. Patwardhan and is slated to begin filming in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in December.

This will be the second time that Matlak has worked with Gurav Bhatt this year and the third time she's worked with director Aditya J. Patwardhan, clearly a strong and successful creative collaboration has formed between these three talents.

Earlier in the year Matlak starred in the music video for Gurav Bhatt and Shikha Bhatt's "Katra, Katra." In fact, Matlak is even featured on the cover for the single. The video for the Bollywood song was directed by Patwardhan and released on Youtube in February where it has since garnered over 40,000 views.

The music video for "Katra, Katra" brings to life a storyline that comes across more like a film than a music video with Matlak's character going on a journey to find the composer of an unfinished musical composition that she discovers on the beach.

Katra Katra.

Prior to beginning her acting career, Matlak spent more than 15 years as a professional dancer where she was a top international competitor in Latin dancing. Her history as a dancer has not only made her the perfect fit for several other music videos including those for three-time Grammy Award winning artist Ne-Yo, and Arash, but her knowledge of movement has also helped her bring her characters to life naturally on screen.

"The life experience and the peripheral hobbies of an actor contributes a lot to their acting skills. Diana, as a former Latin dancer, is very aware of her dancing talents and she does justice in bringing these to the set," explained Patwardhan. "Her skills contribute to the characters movement and actions while she is acting for film and it adds a new dimension to the role she is playing, may it be drama, comedy or a character driven performance."

Aside from being an acclaimed music video director Patwardhan has also had great success in the film industry as the director of the films "Society Black," "Vandarg," "Last Will," "Singularity" and others.

Earlier this year Matlak took on the starring role of Deena Kravitz in Patwardhan's dramatic thriller film "Red House by the Crossroads." The film, which was released in January, had its world premiere at the prestigious 2015 Cannes International Film Festival where it was selected as one of the few films to be included in the festival's short film catalogue.

Matlak has demonstrated her diversity as an actress in countless films, but her deep and dramatic performance in "Red House by the Crossroads" assuredly takes the cake.

The film's backstory takes place during World War II when a Nazi soldier murdered Esther Kravitz's husband, Deena's father, after Germany lost the war. The timeline in "Red House by the Crossroads" is set several decades later when Esther, who is ill, is assigned a doctor named Edward Melies, the estranged son of the man who murdered her husband.

With no father, a sick mother and a mentally ill younger brother, Matlak's character Deena is the one person keeping the Kravitz family together while her mother contemplates whether to continue the cycle of revenge or lay the past to rest.

In addition to the release of "Red House by the Crossroads," Matlak wrapped production on several other films this year including "Stay," "Coincidental Romance," "Bethany," "Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure" and others.

As for what's next for her, the actress has been tapped for Stephanie Moningka's upcoming film "Maneater" where she will take on the leading role of Lotta-Ditsy Flirt.

The film, which is slated to begin filming in January of 2016, revolves around a beautiful young woman who appears to have the perfect life. However, when the unexpected happens and threatens the perfect nature of her existence, she will stop at nothing to keep her life and reputation intact. Make sure to catch Diana Matlak as Lotta-Ditsy Flirt in the upcoming film "Maneater," as well as the upcoming music video for Gaurav Bhatt's "Raat Bhar."