Ian Fisher Stars in Blake McWilliam's Dramatic Film 'Glory River'

Actor Ian Fisher takes on the dramatic role of Noah Gallagher in the film "Glory River," and prepares for the release of his newest work "The Epitaph"

Online PR News – 12-October-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – For all of the hockey-obsessed Canadian's out there Blake McWilliam's film "Glory River" starring actor Ian Fisher will hit close to home. The film follows Fisher in the starring role of Noah Gallagher, a talented hockey player from a small town whose been told that he was destined to make the NHL since childhood. The film was chosen as an Official Selection of the 2015 Calgary International Film Festival where it was screened earlier this month.

In the film Gallagher is raised by his alcoholic single mother Lilith played by Rachel Hayward ("Hell Raiser: Hell Seeker," "Snow Queen," "Watchtower," "Supernatural") who, along with the town he lives in, pushes him to be the best, and while he's the best in town, that may not be enough to make it to the pros.

"In some of the smaller working class northern communities, the town’s hockey team means everything, and there’s so much pressure put on these 16-20 year old kids. When I was a kid, coming from a small town in Canada myself, the Vernon Vipers were treated like Gods," explained Fisher. "It was crazy because they were just 17 year old kids themselves, almost none of which would go on to make the pros, but they were worshiped like celebrities."

Over the course of his career Fisher has proven himself as an astonishingly versatile performer who is able to bring characters to life that are the complete opposite of himself. However, when it came to taking on the role of Noah Gallagher, the actor actually had a lot of similarities in his own life that allowed him to bring Gallagher to life in a way that few other actors could.

"The fictional town, Glory River, for which the film is named after, for me that was my hometown of Vernon. So I knew these people, I knew this world, even if I wasn’t directly involved in it," admitted Fisher. "I was also very interested in Noah’s relationship with his mother, since I was raised by a single mother myself, this really resonated with me."

Hell Raiser: Hell Seeker

Even with all of the similarities between Fisher and Gallagher, there were still some aspects of the character that Fisher had to work on in order to bring the authenticity that he does in the film. A dedicated actor who's not afraid to work hard in order to deliver the best performance possible, Fisher underwent intense hockey training while developing his character for the film.

"After I booked the part, I actually hired an All College Hockey America player to work with me privately on my hockey skills. I knew I’d never really be able to become a great skater or hockey player in only a few weeks, however I wanted to be able to cheat it enough in between stunt double footage that I didn’t look like a complete rookie… I still have a little scar on my ankle from skating in brand new skates as much as I did during those prep weeks," recalled Fisher.

"Glory River," which is doing its festival run currently and is intended to be turned into a series similar to the show "Friday Night Lights," is actually the second project Fisher has done with McWilliam, an AMPIA award winning filmmaker whose films have garnered nominations at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW Film Festival.

"With Sundance and other major festivals just around the corner, 'Glory River' looks to continue its successful run. Most recently, 'Glory River' was invited to be considered for the 15th annual Canada's Top 10 film festival, hosted by TIFF," explained McWilliam.

"Although having worked with Ian on 'Camp' in 2014, the role in 'Glory River' required something very different from him. 'Glory River' is a quiet film. There is very little dialogue for an actor to use as a crutch to show us how he's feeling. This can be a huge challenge for anyone. But Ian met that challenge and then some, bringing something really special to the role."

Earlier in his career Fisher took on the starring role of Kyle in McWilliam's film "Camp," which revolves around a group of camp councilors and their experiences working at a high-end summer camp based in upstate New York.

While Fisher has definitely made an indelible mark as an actor in the world of film and television through his roles in a long list of other high-profile productions like the TV series "Covert Affair," "Reign," "Beauty and the Beast" and "Between," he's done far more than just act.

Earlier this year Fisher produced, co-wrote and acted in the upcoming sci-fi film The Epitaph, which creates a world where the characters know the month and day that they will die, but not the year.

"It’s a unique twist on a story about fate," Fisher said. "This was a very cool experience because it was the first time that something I had written was being produced and will air on a major network."

Fisher put together a talent-laden cast and crew of big-budget Hollywood veterans for the film including director Kris Holden-Ried ("Underworld: Awakening," "Lost Girl"), actor Adrian Holmes ("Elysium," "Red Riding Hood") and executive producer Plato Fountidakis ("Max Payne," "X-Men").

"Our film explores government conspiracies, religious texts, risk taking and the never-ending question of cause and effect," said Fisher. "I think it’s going to be fun to watch all the potential storylines."

The film, which Fisher produced with funding from the BravoFACT foundation and Bell Media, is slated to air on Bravo next year.