MobiCommerce unveils its new version 2.0 after major reimagination

MobiCommerce- an mobile app building platform has now launched a new version for their application.

Online PR News – 13-October-2015 – New York – This fall sees a major breakthrough with launch of new and upgraded version 2.0 for MobiCommerce. The online platform to build mobile apps have major enhancements in User Interface and some of the newly introduced features like “Widget System” for personalization, Social media integrated login, capability to on/off features according to business requirements and changeable product grids.

Rakesh Jain, Co-founder MobiCommerce said “The major improvements are done keeping in mind hassle free app management for customers and user interface for end-users. We have re-engineered the platform to make it more scalable, adaptable and easily customizable for customers so they can configure according to their needs and requirements.”

Here’s an overview of new features and how they make it more powerful than before-

MobiCommerce increases its performance and user adaptability making it even more effective.

Widget System for personalization – The newly introduced widget system makes it easy for customers to personalize home and category screens of their app. With widget system it is easy to create as many sections one want on home screen and manage them with few clicks.

From now on, there will be options of integrated login from social media accounts as well.This feature is targeted towards app users for hassle free account set up and direct log-in from their social media accounts.

In MobiCommerce 2.0 RTL language support has been added, so now clients can make their apps in Arabic language.

Performance of mobile app also improved drastically by implementing new server side and client side mechanism.

The new version has store locator system with google map support which allows users to locate stores on the go and make brands more visible and accessible. With google analytics integrated into it, tracking the app performance and measuring ROI is quite beneficial for users.

Till now MobiCommerce was supporting simple push notification, with overall improvement in design, interface and communication, push notifications are also modified. It is now possible to send multi-line and push notifications with images and deep linking also configure test push messages before delivering them.

This give app owners more space to register on customer’s mind and remind them more and more about the brand.

With this new and improved version, two themes have been created based on major sect of smartphone users- iOS and android looking to their navigation styles. The themes have been named as “Botm and Uptab” based on navigation styles in iOS and Android respectively.

The comprehensive app design enables CMS pages to be maintained easily as it is now integrated directly with mobile app and thus, can be maintained directly.

There is major re-engineering around user interface with on/off features. This reflects in user interface with useful features to be kept and others can be removed for easy interaction of app with users.

With these new features and enhancements in the platform, it’s all set to give customers a new way to register their mobile presence with the brand.

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