IAMKNIGHT Introduces New Line of Knight Hoodies for Worldwide Customers

Talented Korean designer is proposing a daring piece of garment

Online PR News – 12-October-2015 – Goyangsi – The Korean designer and creator Catherine Kim works hard, perhaps even now, for the releases of a news series of hoodies that are not like anything else seen on the market. She found her inspiration in the Medieval Times, producing pieces of clothing that are modern but with a very distinct cut. With an incredible talent, vision and dexterity, the designer manages to reproduce the details on a knight’s armor in a hoodie, making an aesthetic and functional apparel at the same time. And the materials, they are the best available on the market, this hoodie being something that will last in time. Every single piece is handmade, Catherine Kim, putting a considerable amount of effort and dedication for each knight hoodie that comes out of the workshop so that they can be worn with pride.

But the knight hoodie is not only a cool piece of clothing, as it was created with a protective purpose as well. When the hood is on, it can cover your entire face, leaving only the eye area uncovered, against the wind, rain, and cold weather. The hoodies are not waterproof indeed, as they are mostly made out of soft wool, but they are thick enough to offer protection if the weather is not that friendly, including to withstand some amount of water drops. And it is well known just how uncomfortable autumn and spring winds can be, lashing the face’s skin until it goes numb. With the help of this hoodie’s design and top quality material and filling, the weather should not pose any more trouble.

As the text on the shop promoting these knight hoodies is stating, Koreans people are so skilled that they can pick a piece of a sesame seed with iron chopsticks. The truth is that Catherine Kim is indeed both a competent and talented person, the creations coming out of her hands speaking for themselves. Each hoodie is not ready to be shipped, as they are all tailor made after the measurements of the customer. Thus, the designer makes sure that they will fit like a glove and be comfortable to wear. The Duncan Knight hoodie, as an example, is one of the numerous models you can pick. It is made in the style of a pullover, with the exceptional design of a knight’s armor. It is made out of polar fleece, which is a warm, soft and fast drying material. It is amazing that such soft material can be made to look so rigid. Once again, the incredible creativity of the person that created the clothes comes to the surface.

It is true that the knight hoodies are not the cheapest clothes one can buy, and there is also a waiting time until the piece is finished and delivered to the final customer, but it’s worth the wait and money. Its uniqueness, extraordinary quality of both the materials and cut, make this knight hoodie an excellent acquisition.


This hoodie come from South Korea and Iamknight is company name for making 100% handmade knight hoodie.

Catherine Kim
Phone: 82 10 2433 8490
City: Goyangsi
State: Gyeongido
Country: South Korea
Email: sales@wootkorea.com
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/iamknight