Test Results Indicate That Magic Mushrooms Increase Brain Activity

Magic mushrooms are used by our forefathers to increase their brain activities to a higher level. Many people think that these mushrooms are drugs, but it’s not. These mushrooms have medical properties, according to the professionals of magic-mushroom.se.

Online PR News – 31-March-2009 – – Amsterdam, March 2009 - “Until 1980 s these magic mushrooms are used in various kinds of medicines by various Pharmaceuticals .some of the important magic mushrooms are Panaeolus cyanescens, Psilocybe cubensis. These mushrooms have a old history dating back to 5000 years.""Various kinds of components are present in these mushrooms to increase your brain activity. Let’s take a look at the history of these magic mushrooms. Ancient paintings of magic mushrooms have been found in caves of tassili plateau of northern Algeria", says Mr. Duncan Svensson of magic-mushroom.se

He added that, in the middle of 16th century Spanish priest first recorded the use of these magic mushrooms by the aztecs. He wrote ”The first thing to be eaten at the feast were magic mushrooms which they eat with honey and after these those people began to dance, some sang and others wept and at last they spoke with one other about the visions they have seen”. "In 1956 roger heim a botanist requested a pharmaceutical company named Sandoz to do research of this mushrooms and they found the active components like psilocybin, psilocin inside this magic mushrooms”.

Speaking on the move, Mr. Duncan Svensson said, “The various ingredients present in this magic mushrooms are Psilocybin ,psilocin, baeocystin, norbaeocystin.These Panaeolus cyanescens and Psilocybe cubensis are reportedly seen in countries like Australia, India, Mexico, Bolivia, the Philippines, Thailand, France, and Brazil.""Some of the precautionary steps taken before taking this magic mushrooms are you should take these mushrooms on an empty stomach, because having food in your stomach will slow the absorption of psilocybin.""Always take same amount of mushrooms. 0.25–1 gram is usually sufficient to produce a mild effect, 1–2.5 grams usually provides a moderate effect. 2.5 grams and higher usually produces strong effects. For most people, 3.5 dried grams (1/8 oz) would be considered a high dose and may produce an intense experience”.

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