Insects against world hunger: WEID calls Europe to recognise edible insects as a legal food.

If Europe decides next week that insects will become a novel food, a dozen of European ENTOpreneur start-ups may have to cease activity.

Online PR News – 12-October-2015 – Brussels – If Europe decides this week that insects will become a novel food, a dozen of European ENTOpreneur start-ups may have to cease activity, and honestly, this would be terrible since eating insects is not only a delicious and sustainable food, it also offers an effective solution to world hunger.

A “Novel Food” is defined as a food that has not been consumed to a significant degree by humans in the EU prior to the 15th of May 1997, when the first Regulation on novel foods came into force. They are subject to a pre-market safety assessment before a decision is made on EU-wide authorisation. The procedure can take 4 years, is complicated and expensive. Moreover, if Europe can no longer produce edible insects, this will add to the world’s food problems.

Change in Food Culture

Younger generations in Asia and Africa are heavily influenced by American and European food culture. The danger is that if all of these traditional insect-eating populations demand more meat from more traditional livestock, we as a planet will not be able to produce enough quality food for all, and this will without a doubt result in increased global hunger.
If people see that Westerners eat insects too, and they market them as modern healthy insect products, maybe they will then adopt this Western attitude and take it as an opportunity to develop new food businesses in their countries.

World Edible Insect Day

To promote insect eating in Europe, North America and Australia, Entomochef Chris Derudder recently launched the idea of the World Edible Insect Day (WEID). Thanks to numerous good responses and cooperation from more than 100 worldwide Entopreneurs from the “International Entopreneurs Community” (IEC), the date for WEID was set as the 23rd of October.
Through its worldwide activities, WEID will also show the insect-eating regions of the world that insect eating is not old-fashioned nor is reserved for only the poor and needy.

Key aim: legalising food to combat world hunger

WEID will convince decision makers in Europe, North America and Australia that they have a very important part to play in our global future diet; that insects have to become a legalised food product, just like fish and other meats, because they are crucial for combatting world hunger.

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