Uppgroup Inc. Announces New Cloud Server To Enhance Web Services For Clients

Uppgroup Inc. today announces new Cloud server aimed at the needs of providing better website hosting service for their clients.

Online PR News – 12-October-2015 – Grand Forks BC, Canada – Uppgroup Inc. is investing into the future of the web to enhance the service to their clients, making improvements in all online areas to enhance service, performance and reliability. The new storage solutions combined with the new bandwidth of the server allow websites to load faster while their clients' data always stay clean and healthy. Websites hosted on this new server can get better ranking considering the fact that page speed is also a ranking factor.

Using the new Cloud hosting service provided by Uppgroup Inc., clients get the following advantages:

Data is kept securely and can't be lost easily since the data is redundantly spread out across multiple storage disks.

Uppgroup web service experts constantly monitor the Cloud server for malicious traffic and other suspicious activity, make sure clients' websites, data and everything else stays clean and healthy.

Hardware failures never happen on the new Cloud server, ensure clients' websites hosted there never go down.

"We're now pleased to announce the new Cloud server we've just invested in. Thanks to the combined security and performance features of the cloud server, both dynamic performance and data security are guaranteed. Our clients will experience a totally new level of web service provided by Uppgroup Inc."

About Uppgroup Inc.: Uppgroup www.uppgroup.ws is a global leader in keyword technology specializing in search engine ranking and other web services. Since 1996 they have provided companies with partnering programs and services designed to achieve unparalleled online positioning of their companies. With over 15 years of company experience in website development the web firm has the expertise that every client is looking for.