Christian Learning Products Developer Eikon Bible Art Releases New Materials

Eikon Bible Art produces compelling, contemporary interactive learning aids, and this month, they are releasing a new compilation video titled “Turning Points.”

Online PR News – 24-September-2010 – – Eikon Bible Art is releasing a compilation of new short films that have been designed to resonate with the youth by employing a modern story line that reflect upon Biblical teachings. Collectively, the short films in “Turning Points” raise gospel appeal and emphasize the importance of making a positive decision for Christ. The following short films are included in the “Turning Points” collection: One Day to Spare, Kenny and Benny, Becky’s Christmas, He Never Had Time, and lastly, A Life Laid Down. The compilation is available on DVD, as well as immediate download. The short films may also be purchased individually.

Eikon Bible Art releases new titles to their growing library of Christian teaching aids on a monthly basis. This month's short film compilation is accompanied by new PowerPoint learning aid releases, which includes "Ten Lepers Cleansed," "God and Money," "Faith as a Mustard Seed" and "The Cost of Discipleship."

The short film “One Day to Spare” is timely and particularly poignant given that it is set to events that transpired on September 11, a day which is embedded in the psyche of every American. The leading lady of the short film, through a chance encounter, is reminded of the importance of trusting in God and accepting him into one’s life. Our leading lady decides to turn the chance encounter into a pivotal moment in her life, and accepts God. And not a moment too soon, for the next day, she was staffed on the fateful American Airline flight out of Boston that was mercilessly flown into the North Tower by misguided terrorists.

The short films “Kenny and Benny” and “Becky’s Christmas” examine the role that God plays in completing our lives, for in both stories, the protagonists seemed to have everything and by all accounts were enjoying the good life. But life is not complete, and indeed the characters in the film could not find true happiness until after they have accepted God into their lives.

In similar fashion, “He Never Had Time” tells the story of a man who seemingly had it all, only to lose everything, and neglecting to prepare for his time with God, as Amos 4:12 teaches. “A Life Laid Down” illustrates John 15:13 in powerful fashion, told through the story of a soldier who steps forward so as to save the life of his friends.

In addition to the short films, Eikon Bible Art released new PowerPoint learning tools this month. The newly released titles include "Ten Lepers Cleansed," which teaches the viewer to be humble and thankful, for only then can people receive spiritual blessing, as Luke 17:20-37 teaches. “God and Money” shines a light on loyalty, and teaches the viewer that one cannot serve two masters simultaneously, as illustrated in Luke 16:13. “Faith as a Mustard Seed” examines the teaching in Luke 17:5, and focuses on the matter of trust as a driver of faith. Ultimately, this story wants the viewer to understand that with God, all things are possible. Lastly, “The Cost of Discipleship” draws upon the teachings in Luke 14 and emphasizes the sacrifice and preparations that one must make before considering a major undertaking.

Eikon Bible Art products provide instructors with the materials they need to deliver compelling Sunday school lessons. “Eikon Bible Art carefully designs their products to ensure that they resonate with the youth. This allows the instructors to deliver Bible Lessons for children in an effective manner,” explains Alan Lockhart, of Eikon Bible Art.

Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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