Actress Aleksandra Kovacevic To Star As Addy In The Film 'Pole Queens'

European actress Aleksandra Kovacevic is slated to take on the lead role of Addy in the upcoming film "Pole Queens"

Online PR News – 10-October-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Actress Aleksandra Kovacevic, who is known across continents for her performances in the films "Bertilda," "Bits of Glass," "Caged: How to Clip Your Bird Wings," "Hush" and others, has been cast to take on the leading role of Addy in the upcoming film "Pole Queens."

When Layla, a determined college freshman, doesn't make her college dance team she refuses to lay down without a fight. In the wake of rejection she rallies a group of misfits forming her own pole dance team who show the college team that they mean business.

In the film, Kovacevic will star alongside Kayla Emerson who will play Layla, Tatiana Andrea as Aqua, Caitlin Marshall as Monique, Caitlin Muelder as Helen, Charlotte Plummer as Dawn, Chezara Gureu as Alice and Briana Endrina as Ruby.

"Pole Queens" is slated to begin filming in 2016 with promo shoots beginning over the next few months. The film will be directed by actress/writer/director Tessa Lopez-Scott ("Love Addicts," "My Roommate The," "Tattoo Nightmares," "Girls Be Llke..." ) who also wrote the film, and is known for her work as the writer and director behind the episode "Wait 'Til Next Year" of the popular comedy series "The Best Friends Club."

Kovacevic's character Addy, the most outspoken dancer on the eight-member pole team, is a tough, no holds barred feminist who always tells it like it is shoveling out opinions right and left and causing drama.

Bits of Glass

"I am excited and look forward to having Aleksandra play the role of Addy because they share the same character traits. Addy is very straightforward, powerful and a blunt personality, who can be hilarious with all her toughness. She is the type of girl who fight for her beliefs, is very loyal and speaks her mind," explains Lopez-Scott.

"Aleksandra is a deeply dedicated and passionate actress, who's portrays characters in a truly unique way. For the role of Addy I need an actress who can believably make you feel threatened by this character and I cannot imagine any other actress breathing life into the character of Addy than Aleksandra."

Kovacevic has taken on a wide range of characters over the course of her career from playing a marionette in the film "Bertilda," both the therapist and her patient's other personality in the stage production of "4.48 Psychosis", and a Russian spy in "Room 007," but none of them have been anything like her character in the upcoming film "Pole Queens."

Kovacevic says, "I like that she is straight forward and doesn’t mince her words. One of the physical challenges that I am really excited about is the pole dance training. Transforming my body to what is required for pole dancing with strength, flexibility and endurance is going to be a great part of this journey… I’m extremely thrilled to practice with the girls. I also like the fact that pole dance is being recognized as its actual art form in this movie which is performance art."

A dynamic actress who hungers for a challenge at every turn, Kovacevic's versatility as an actress on both the stage and screen has allowed her to amass an impressive repertoire of work over the years that just keeps growing.

Kovacevic's love for her work combined with her ability to hold space for her fellow actors has been a major factor in the success of the majority of her projects to date.

"I met Ms. Kovacevic while directing her for the play "4.48 Psychosis"… Her commitment to her work inspired her cast mates… Her work ethic was beyond compare and she was an asset to every aspect of the production," explains Caitlin Muelder ("90210," "Station 4," "Law and Order").

"She possess an insatiable curiosity and has tremendous empathy for her fellow human beings. For only being in her twenties, she has a truly impressive sense of self. She takes her passions and her work seriously but can laugh at herself with ease."

In addition to her role as Addy in "Pole Queens" the actress is also slated to take on leading roles in several other projects spanning the likes of film, television and theatre. Although her character is still in development, Kovacevic has been solidified as one of the actors who will appear in the second season of the thriller series "Crackerjack," which is written, produced and directed by Tony Aaron II ("In the House of God," "The Nice Guy," "Writers' Block," "Emerson Falls," "Limbo"), and is slated to begin filming in 2016.

In the theatre Kovacevic will take on the starring role of the title character in the production of Florescene written by Cassandra Shea, as well as a leading role in Shea's upcoming feature film "ALA" (Animal Lovers Anonymous), a comedy that will be shot in the style of the series "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" and is slated to enter production in September 2016.