Damaged Houses is Now Providing Several Opportunities for People Looking to Sell an Uninsured Home

The New Zealand based company has started offering a considerable amount of chances for people who wish to buy or sell an uninsured home.

Online PR News – 10-October-2015 – New Zealand – Damaged Houses is now providing a wide array of opportunities for people who wish to buy or sell an uninsured home. Ever since this offer has gone viral, a considerable amount of stir has been created in the real estate sector of New Zealand as more and more people are looking towards buying or selling an uninsured home.
Buy Uninsured Home
Those who are looking to buy an uninsured home will definitely find relief in the variety of properties that are available for purchase all courtesy of Damaged Houses. The company has done nothing wrong ever since its establishment about 3 years ago. As far as reliability is concerned, the company has already repaired and purchased more than 50 damaged and uninsured houses in the area of Christchurch. Therefore, the dependability of this company is indeed out of question
The Background of Damaged Houses
Damaged Houses is the New Zealand based firm that has been recently making headlines for all the right reasons. The company primarily deals with buying damaged and uninsured properties in the area of ChCh. The main motive of this company is to help the people out with selling their damaged houses and getting fast cash. Now having spent over 3 years in business, the company seems to be strengthening its foothold in the real estate market of New Zealand.
Sell and Purchase Damaged Houses
During a recent press conference held by the company, the spokesperson of Damaged Houses was quoted as saying, “We take great pride in the fact that we have come a long way ever since being founded. We have now repaired and purchase over 50 uninsured or damaged properties in the vicinity of Christchurch.” He further added, “It was by no means an easy feat, but we have done ourselves proud.”
About the Company
Damaged Houses is a New Zealand based company that buys uninsured and damaged houses in Christchurch and assists people in selling their damaged properties fast for cash. The company has been in this business for more than 3 years now and has successfully purchased and repaired more than 50 damaged houses in Christchurch.
Contact Information
Call Centre: 03 364 8119
Website: www.damagedhouses.co.nz