The Australasian College Broadway Looks Back on the History of Lipstick

Lipstick is arguably the most widely used cosmetic product of all time.

Online PR News – 10-October-2015 – Glebe, NSW 2037 – Glebe, New South Wales (4 September 2015) – The Australasian College Broadway (RTO code 6980) looks back on the colourful history of make-up. The world surely would not be the same without it; one would only have to look at the fashion, film, TV, theatre, and entertainment industries to see the invaluable contributions of make-up. Lipstick, in particular, had a long, rocky history before it became what it is today.

Lipstick is arguably the most widely used cosmetic product of all time. Its early beginnings can be traced back about five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. The women of this ancient civilisation were known to grind precious and semi-precious gems which they applied on their lips and eyelids. Ancient Egypt also had a similar practice, but used dyes extracted from seaweed and eventually carmine colour extracted from beetles or ants. The Egyptians embraced this practice as it quickly became a daily part of their lives. Even the famed Cleopatra was known to favour the colour red on her lips.

Following its success in antiquity, the history of lipstick hit a standstill in the Western Hemisphere. For around a millennium and a half, cosmetic products were almost non-existent in Europe. During the Dark and Middle Ages, lipstick and other types of cosmetics were viewed as unhealthy and irreligious.

While Europe banned cosmetics Asian civilisations continued to develop it; China, Japan, and the rest of Asia came up with new recipes for various cosmetic products during this period. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that Europe adapt the widespread use of cosmetics. Since then, lipstick has slowly gained popularity until it reached its modern peak in the early 20th century, with the rise and eventual dominance of film and photography.

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