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we.CONECT Group is one of the leading business information companies, developing and providing B2B digital media, business information, events & communities.

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Our product portfolio offers senior managers and top executives all over the world exclusive business information, digital media, business communities, business events and platforms to gather information, for all Business departments and sectors, with a regional and global focus on strategic developments and with colleagues on an equal eye level.
Our aim is to provide the information and services that our customers need to help make them even more effective in their jobs.

Content and knowledge...
We believe in information and the right content. This is why we invest in trained staff, innovation, ideas, technical progression, multi-functional platforms and of course our products. We use these resources to connect you with those hard-to-meet decision-makers, senior-level executives, trendsetters and pioneers.
We believe in content and knowledge: High-quality, practice-oriented, timely, relevant and forward-looking information are at the heart of our business; to make our customers more effective and successful in their daily practice. It makes us particularly proud to be able to open you up to a new world of networking with other global players and niche businesses.

Business information, business communities & Business Networks...
we.CONECT provides you with an exclusive access to cross-divisional business networks, market insights and business information. we create targeted, efficient and inspiring business platforms – here in Berlin – and worldwide.

Passion for Customers...
we.CONECT accompanies decision-makers in mastering business-critical and highly complex change processes over the long-term. It is our daily commitment and motivation to not only research, develop and market exceptional events, but also to build extraordinary communities and digital content.
Our customer’s portfolio embraces nearly all industries and departments across all regions of the world. Ranging from global enterprises to mid-sized firms, we also invite owner-managed small businesses and hidden champions to empower our broad business network.

Values & Culture...
Our values define us: We are proud of our corporate culture. we were shortlisted for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2013 and selected as one of Berlin´s top 10 companies to work for by the employer portal Kununu in 2015.
At we.CONECT people are the focus of the company. They help us build market-leading regional and global brands. Ambitious, talented and passionate people that grow together with our success – our staff – Simply the Best!

Innovations, ideas, technical trends, latest products, high-profile executives, leaders, trendsetters and visionaries – we know what our customers want and we bring buyers and sellers together to find the most promising business opportunities, new markets and partners. Groundbreaking initiatives, the latest trends, future technologies and best practices – more than 6,000 customers a year from over 100 countries around the world trust us.


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