Media Junkies Launches Video Marketing Technologies for Marketers

Media Junkies takes the pride to announce the latest video marketing technique for the marketers.

Online PR News – 09-October-2015 – Varsity Parade Varsity Lakes, QLD – Media Junkies, a leading social media marketing agency, recently announced the launch of video marketing suite to help marketers drive conversion with video. The newly launched marketing technique by is a comprehensive marketing practice devised for the needs of the modern day marketers. It is intended to help brands to make the most out of their marketing campaigns and the return on investment with this effective solution.

In conversation with the Management Team of Media Junkies, the experts commented, “The scope of digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, with marketing strategy altered from conventional method to experience and customer-centric marketing”. They also explained, “Brands are being digitalized, that concentrate on creating original content to attract customers, and video is the optimal source of marketing for them.” With this announcement, is creating a niche for marketers to leverage the power of video marketing with an integrated interface that supports delivery and conversion models.

Video has considerably developed to be one of the vital components of the marketing approach. This has been driven due to the shift in audiences’ choice from print to media. The changes in the behaviour of buyers have encouraged video marketing trend that support new marketing role in this digital world. Consequently, the digital marketers of the present time need incorporated solutions to get help in their content marketing and demand generations approach.

Media Junkies’ video marketing approach is a next generation marketing suite that has been equipped to address this need by providing extensive range of video marketing technologies that come up as the influential video solutions to marketers enhance their business values. Video is a powerful tool a marketer has to drive more prospects and customers and to increase conversion. Media Junkies empowers marketers an easy control of the latest tool, video marketing technologies, on the most powerful platform.

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