Anonymous Offshore Web Hosting Launches Its Cloud Offshore Hosting Package

Dated 11th September, 2015-CITY ABC [Press Release] Anonymous Offshore Web Hosting has announced the launch of its new cloud offshore hosting package.

Online PR News – 09-October-2015 – Netherlands – Dated 11th September, 2015-CITY ABC [Press Release] Anonymous Offshore Web Hosting has announcedthe launch of its new cloud offshore hosting package. This new product will be based on the most sophisticated virtualization technology for delivering reliability, flexibility, redundancy to the business websites of different sizes. Thepackage is a combination of free extras that make their package the most affordable one in the market.
Cloud offshore hosting service is an ideal solution for small business, large businesses and theindividual blogs which are meant to be kept hidden and secure. This package offers reliability and sufficient storage. When a website is hosted on the cloud, it is stored on different areas over the cloud storage virtually. If the hard drive fails, then that does not mean the entire information is lost, you still have hope.
The company has used the most superior virtualized standard on the platform, which guarantees that each website gets a share of the dedicated server resources. “Everyone is aware of the fact that cloud is one of the best things that has ever happened to technology so far. It already has the qualities of a dedicated server because you pay for what you use. We have hence decided to deliver our clients the offshore cloud hosting package that is timely, reliable and cost effective,” says the Chief technical officer of Anonymous Offshore Web Hosting.
The Anonymous offshore hosting service is available in convenientpackages having different resource configurations and also some free services like cPanel and 24/7 server monitoring. with this new package, even customers with a low budget can take advantage of the server infrastructure which is quite powerful and which comes with different enhancement and the fact is that they simply have to pay a fraction of cost for it.
The CEO of the company in the conference meeting says “We have introduced 3 different packages for our service. They include Jhone Doe, Mr. Privacy and Invisible Man. We always had the shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated package but now we have introduced the cloud hosting solution too on the request of customers.
Anonymous Offshore Web Hostinghas been in the good books of many clients who are in search of the offshore solutions to keep their privacy maintained. With the 99.9 percent live time, all the customers are pleased. Team Lead of customer services says “We have been managing the customer support panel very strictly to provide our customers with all kinds of support. We have to be crucial in responding because of the time zone issues.”
This new package will delight many clients who had been looking for a cloud anonymous hosting solution.
About the company:
Anonymous Offshore Web Hostinghas been providing shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated and anonymous email hosting solutions to all those clients who want to maintain the privacy of their domain and who want to keep their information and customer data hidden. Other than this, offshore hosting services and domain registration services are provided too. Different packages are available and they are all affordable.

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