Broward Deputies Vote to Form Their Own Local 6020 under the I.U.P.A.

The I.U.P.A. has been chosen by the Broward County Department of Law Enforcement.

Online PR News – 07-October-2015 – Broward County, Florida – Broward Deputies Vote to Form Their Own Local 6020 under the I.U.P.A.

On September 30, 2015, the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC) conducted an election for the Deputies of the Broward Sheriff’s Office to form their own association under the International Union of Police Associations. Deputies of the Broward Sheriff’s office chose to change their association from the PBA to the I.U.P.A. The goal of the new association will be to provide their members with contract negotiations as well as legal representation and negotiation of benefits. The association will represent Deputies up to Sergeants.

The I.U.P.A. was selected by the Deputies based upon on their more than 30 years of experience representing Law Enforcement Officers throughout the United States, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Their focus is on protecting and advancing the officers’ wages and benefits, as well as to ensure fair and equitable work conditions and treatment.

Jeff Bell, President of the new organization, now the official association for Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies stated, “The Deputies spoke and it is clear that they want the fairness, transparency and expert advocacy that I.U.P.A. can and will provide.”

International President of I.U.P.A., Sam Cabral, stated, “Being a Law Enforcement Officer in current times is often a thankless and very dangerous career. By joining together with other Law Enforcement Officers’ organizations from around the country under the I.U.P.A. umbrella, it will ensure that the Deputies of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office will be thoroughly represented, both at the bargaining table, and within the community. Together, we remain steadfastly dedicated to our mission: to protect and enhance the lives of public safety officers.”


Originally chartered in 1979, the International Association of Police Associations is the only chartered labor association that exclusively represents law enforcement officers and other support personnel. The more than 100,000 law enforcement personnel (one out of every four eligible) represented by the I.U.P.A. are all full time employees of law enforcement agencies ranging from line officers up to first line supervisors as well as civilian employees. The I.U.P.A.’s mission is to protect and advance officers’ wages, benefits and work conditions. Membership includes officers from agencies throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. More information is available at