Ad Industry Veteran Scott Portugal Launches Digital Media Insights

Scott Portugal announces launch of Digital Media Insights - a new business focused on helping firms build scalable technology businesses and increase profits.

Online PR News – 07-October-2015 – Harrison, NY – Scott Portugal was pleased to announce the formation of DMI (Digital Media Insights), a new media services platform designed to help eliminate the challenges that come from an incredibly complex marketing technology landscape.

Portugal, a veteran of firms like IAC, Tacoda / AOL, TRAFFIQ, PulsePoint, and Yieldbot, spoke extensively about the current ecosystem and the inefficiencies created by overlapping technologies and under-utilized systems. "Today's publishers are in a perpetual state of arrest - constantly trying to make headway in determining which solutions address core business issues. Increased direct sales, increased user engagement, and increased profitability are what keeps a Publisher up at night....and in turn it should be what keep their technology solution providers up at night as well."

Ad technology is too often viewed as a complicated market but despite todays programmatic advertising landscape if you understand the underlying business problem you are trying to address the complexity fades away and solutions become clear.

"Instead, it's the technology platforms that arrest the very growth of the clients they are trying to serve. Instead of focusing on helping their clients' address core business challenges, they too often just offer incremental gain over existing technologies. But because the cost of implementation for this minimal gain is high, publishers are stuck in a loop of constant technology work without seeing huge swings in positive upside."

When pressed on how DMI changes the game, Scott Portugal said: "DMI was built to cut throught he clutter and assemble a suite of solutions - both Programmatic and otherwise that address core issues, and I work in a very hands-on way with publisher sales & business develop teams to then integrate these solutions directly into their sales and operations regimen. I only choose to work with best-in-class Ad technology platforms, built by industry veterans, who can help solve the key issues publishers face. If you're not driving increased direct sales, increased user engagement, or increased profits, I'm probably not going to work with you."

He added, "For ad technology platforms, I bring 15 years of experience in creating order-of-magnitude growth in sales and a history of success in building scalable, profitable technology solutions - and a track record of successfully integrating those solutions into outside platforms."

"I think when you work with Scott Portugal, you know what you're going to get - results that scale."

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