Revolutionary New Treatment Turns The Heat Up On London’s Bed Bugs

Catch-It Pest Control recently launched a brand new, cutting edge treatment to their range of pest control services in London,

Online PR News – 07-October-2015 – London, UK – London, UK - Catch-It Pest Control, London's leading pest control service, recently launched a brand new, cutting edge treatment to their range of pest control services in London, aimed at exterminating bed bugs without the need for toxic chemicals. This really is good news for allergy sufferers, who are unable to tolerate volatile chemicals, and for homeowners with babies and pets. It is also good news for the environment, offering a responsible alternative to insecticides, which can work their way through the ecosystem and cause serious health and reproductive problems to many animals.

Customers can now expect excellent, lasting results with the minimum of inconvenience and the utmost speed and efficiency. They can also expect a single appointment. With bed bug heat treatment, there is no longer any need for technicians to come back several times to repeatedly spray an insecticide.

Richard Woodward, Technical Surveyor for Catch-it Ltd, is thrilled about what he describes as terrific customer response: “We have had such great feedback about the latest addition to our services. It is down to the fact that we can get rid of bed bugs faster and more permanently with heat than any of our competitors using traditional, ineffective methods.” Richard added, confidently: “In just one visit, we will get rid of bed bugs for good, with 100% eradication guaranteed.”

There are plenty of other benefits to this latest innovative move by Catch-it Ltd. With this revolutionary new treatment, customers blighted by these insects will no longer need to take all their bed linen to the launderette, for instance, or wash all their clothes on a boil wash. Research shows that it takes only 15 minutes to kill bed bugs, and just one hour to kill their eggs, in temperatures above 113º, meaningg that heat treatment will kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle to extraordinary effect. The heat can also be used around even the most delicate fabrics, clothes and bedding, which chemical treatments mightvadversely affect.

Another plus is that once Catch-it’s heat treatment is complete, it is safe to go back into the property straight away. As the process is chemical free, there is no need to wait hours for toxins to disperse.

One of the first customers to use Catch-it’s new treatment process was suitable impressed: “I couldn’t believe it”, said Mrs Green from Islington. “We had bed bugs treated a few years ago, and it was a nightmare. My husband’s asthma was terrible for months afterwards. This time we used Catch-it, as they assured us they only use heat. Hubby has had no ill effects, and the treatment was over and done with very quickly.”

Catch-it Pest Control is a trusted company for pest control London , offering a 24 hour emergency service throughout the City. Catch-it provide solutions for vermin, fly, flea, cockroach and other insect infestation, moth extermination, bed bug heat treatment, as well as fox, pigeon and squirrel management. They cover North, South, East, West and Central London. All their service technicians are trained and fully vetted. To book an appointment for bed bug heat treatment, visit

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