Fashion Adore Announces Their Partnership with Crnfrd.

Contemporary menswear fashion brands from all over de world with the new partnership between Fashion Adore and Crnfrd.

Online PR News – 07-October-2015 – London / United Kingdom – Fashion Adore, a new online store where you can find the newest fashion and beauty items, announces a partnership with Crnfrd. the premium menswear retailer offering the finest brands from all over the world.

“We love to be in trend with the latest fashion creations and that is why our purpose is to offer you the very best products. We like to see that you stay connected with the brands you love and the stores that you adore! One of our beliefs is diversity. Both men and women, from different parts of the world, speak the same language when it comes to fashion and beauty. We love people who understand the values and the meaning of beauty and style, with all the involvements. Fashion is a profound and critical part of the social life and it is nothing else but what is happening now”, explain Fashion Adore team.

With over 170 affiliated stores, Fashion Adore is an online store that will help you to stay connected with the latest trends in fashion and beauty, and continues to extend its international reach and develop its online presence.

“The fashion business is definitely a good environment for investors everywhere, many companies being aware of that and of the changes that took place in the consumer’s mind frame and life; we are now focused on media consumption and its expanding place in the life of the simple man”, said Dan Sovu, the founder of Fashion Adore.

Crnfrd. is run by exceptionally focused individuals with a keen eye for fashion and style. Bringing in personal interests with business life. Fashion is tremendously important and we promote that fashion is extremely subjective. This allows Crnfrd. to identify and be selective, catering to the most creative and style orientated individual.

About Crnfrd.
Since the establishment Crnfrd. has launched a fine selection of products from recognised brands worldwide. Therefore, allowing the fashionable consumer to create bespoke wardrobes through vicarious styles. Bringing individuals great choice. The styles and brands chosen are branching off the personal raidar. From the rapid changing styles and the different brands offered, the choices are what we would wear out on the street. This is not just current trends but through foreseeing the culture, proving natural success. The online presence has been formed in a way where everything is extremely ‘Elegant’ and ‘Fashionable’ engaging inspiration and innovation whilst being easily manageable and not confusing, allowing for a stress free experience. Most importantly, the Online Portal provides ample information throughout the store and on all product pages to allow the customer to make a confidant decision.

About Fashion Adore
Fashion Adore- one of the few online shops where you can find thousands of middle and high ends products in an instant. Great designer houses offer their latest collections as well as special discounted items that are quite rare. It is not just the luxury products and the casual brands brought in one place, we also have a lot of exclusive features. You can become your own fashion designer with your personal style. No one knows you better than yourself. And you know what they say: Fashion fades, only style remains the same. So, create your personal style and be who you want to be!