Mysterium Music Founder Brings Healing 'Love Shack' to Mind Body Wellness Expo this Weekend in PA

Music producer Trisha Bowden and her recording artists are on a mission with LOVE and an album inspired by cancer to soothe others during treatment and hospice.

Online PR News – 02-October-2015 – Philadelphia, PA – A woman reclines on festive foam pillow, a blissful smile on her face, oblivious to the foot traffic in the aisle just feet away thanks to the headphones she wears, connected to the music player in her hand. She is taking a sonic “timeout” in the fun & relaxing “love Shack” of Mysterium Music, which will be accessible to the public this weekend, October 2 – 4, as part of the Mind Body Wellness Expo in Oaks, PA. The show opens tonight at 4 pm Eastern.

The record label’s founder, Trisha Bowden, says she enjoys when people approach her with specific health challenges, so that she can program the iPod with just the right mix of rejuvenating music and invite them to kick back and relax. People are surprised, she says, to experience music as something more than entertainment, even though “medicine men and women” have incorporated music into their treatments for centuries. For Bowden -- a singer herself -- creating music for healing, rest and revival is a mission that she takes as seriously as her desire to support others on their creative, restorative or transitional journeys.

“I live in a little bit of heaven by a lake in Hanover, PA” she says, “We built an intimate recording studio, a special place to express and record our music and the music of others, which we share around the world. They are musical works of art for healing and rejuvenation of mind, body, spirit and soul.”

In the past few years, Mysterium Music has earned three Grammy nominations for its music, embracing 10x-Grammy nominee Peter Kater, and most recently, debuting the critically-acclaimed Agrelia’s Castle album Elders and Ancestors, featuring roots/rock keyboardist Paul Brown, now touring with The Waterboys. The latter title, Elders & Ancestors, evolved as April Brown learned to play Native American-style flute during a retreat, which was part of her own cancer journey. After many hours in treatment centers, the duo wanted to create heartfelt music that would bring solace to others like them, as well as their caregivers. The duo describe the album as a tribute to all the compassionate mentors that the husband/wife duo met along their cancer journey; it is poignant, uplifting and hauntingly beautiful music that can be considered another “tool” to use in any stage of living or dying.

In the booth, the reclining woman’s eyes flutter open, and she looks about at the crowds. “I was absolutely transported,” she says, to Bowden’s delight. “I don’t ever want to leave here,” she exclaims, indicating the booth and picking up a copy of one of the label’s best-selling CDs titled Light Body, “But if I have to go, then I’m taking one of these with me!”

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