Los Angeles Spine Surgeon Says Spinal Disc Replacement Can Relieve Pain Without Fusion

“Some People suffering from pain from back or neck injuries or degenerative disease may benefit with spinal disc replacement,” says Rad Payman, MD.

Online PR News – 30-September-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – “When appropriate for the patient we can relieve pain and preserve range of motion with spinal disc replacement without performing a spinal fusion,” says Los Angeles spine surgeon Rad Payman, MD. “In the right cases disc replacement can provide the best results.”

“Spinal discs can be damaged through injury or degenerative disease. Later in life a disc can be completely gone which can cause the vertebrae to collapse directly onto each other. In the past, the only course of treatment for people with certain back or neck injuries has been a spinal fusion  which is done to stabilize the spine.”

In the right cases disc replacement can provide the best results.

“While appropriate in many cases spinal fusion does have disadvantages including a variable loss of range of movement and the possiblility of continuing pain. While spinal disc replacement is not appropriate for everyone, the right patients can see excellent results. We can not only reduce or eliminate the pain but also preserve range of motion which can significantly improve a person’s quality of life as they are able to return to all or most of their normal activities after the procedure,” says Dr. Payman.

“During disc replacement surgery the damaged disc is removed and the disc height is restored. An implant that allows the potential for motion is inserted into the disc space. The procedure does not remove any bone, instead we are restoring the patient's anatomy by replacing a diseased or damaged disc. This allows the patient to move, hopefully in a normal, pain-free way.”

Dr. Payman describes treatment of back pain and injuries including spinal disc replacement in this interview on Fox Morning News.

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