MGS Technology unveils its brand new gaming portal

MMO Game Site is pleased to announce its new free mmorpg portal.

Online PR News – 23-September-2010 – – MGS Technology Network, a global online game and mmorpg distribution center today announced the launch of its new MMO game portal at after thorough improvement and design work to match with the company’s rapid development and meet the growing demands of players. The new MMORPG Portal enables players to browse, discover, rate and share great free mmorpg, vastly improving its usefulness.

With its state-of-the-art techniques and user friendly modern design, the new web site clearly delineates between the different online game genres and commercial advertising so that players or industry beta watchers can easily find the information and latest releases they need. What is more, the web site contains two new sections for Facebook fans who can find the latest social games on Facebook, like City of Wonder, CityVille and My empire, as well as for free browser games lovers who can play the game while working.

“Our new site has been mentioned by the industry sites such as associated content, Independent, helium and articlesbase in terms of delivering quality and unbiased reviews, and gaming cheats, said James Hua, CEO of MGS. “It is time to build a professional and authoritative MMORPG website that tells players and industry producers the latest mmorpg information and stories”

The navigation section showcases MMORPG’s categories by genre, players can easily find what they are looking for, like the Sci-fi, TCG, Strategy, RPG, and many more out there. In addition, players can find non-English MMORPGs, and browser games because the MGS team consists of a group of international seasoned professionals and hardcore gamers who speak different language and they have years of experience of writing reviews and walkthrough in multinational leading companies like Gamespot and IGN.

In the near future, the website will incorporates the MMORPG video section and Flash game section, with fully integrated with Facebook connect, giving players an easy access to share their favorite items with their Facebook friends.

on the other hand, the website is fully equipped with an advanced advertisement management system for online game, browser games, free mmorpg advertisement campaigns and programs, offered by MGS and PlayBBG with different demographic, segments and Interest options for advertisers to reach a wide range of online audiences.

“We are always commettied to offering players benefit by handling great mmo gift giveaway, beta mmo’s access key,” James Hua “we know players love freebies and ingame speedup items to enhance their gameplay and experience” He added:” MGS warmly welcomes all online social games publishers and MMORPG developers to submit their games on the MMO Game Site and PlayBBG. And the MGS team can arrange interviews with developers and players if mmo game publisher and developers make a request.”

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PlayBBG Technology is a leader in delivering Reviews & Opinions on free Browser Games, Online Browser Games, Web Games. Specializing in high value services designed to enhance and extend users’ gameplay experiences, PlayBBG technology also features publishers and developers for Free MMORPGs, Browser Games, Social Games, and Virtual Worlds.

About MGS Technology

MMOGameSite (MGS) or MGS Technology is a fast growing mmorpg news media and its main objective is to deliver the latest news, reivews and walkthrough on top online mmorpg, video games, pc games, and brower web games. The Network is always committed itself to building a mutual long term relationship with oplayers and advertisers. The Network firmly believes in the highest possible journalistic standards, and as such abides by a strict editorial code of ethics that aims to reflect the core values of objectivity, accuracy, fairness and transparency.

MMO Game Site Technology launches a brand new international MMORPG portal for online social games, browser games, MMORPG and PC Games after the successful launch of browser game portal

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