Social Networking Expert Demystifies Facebook Advertising for Businesses

O.C.A. Industries is launching a new Facebook advertising product to help businesses large and small get exposure from the hundreds of millions of registered Facebook fans.

Online PR News – 23-September-2010 – – Online advertising has proven to be a challenge for many businesses, but with O.C.A. Industries' latest offering, businesses now have a partner to help them navigate the byzantine-like world of online advertising. O.C.A. Industries is gearing up to launch their latest online advertising product to help businesses of all sizes advertise on Facebook. The success of any businesses is a function of the number and the quality of their transactions. In order to realize a rise in transaction volume and quality, most businesses need to attract new customers. Unfortunately, new customers don't just materialize out of the blue. Not in decent enough quantities anyway.

To attract new customers, businesses need to raise awareness of their products and services, and one way to do that is to advertise, both online and offline. Small businesses have been known to raise awareness through various efforts such as employing posters, sending out mailers, developing loyalty programs, blasting emails and leveraging the ubiquitous sale and discount pricing approach. Unfortunately, these methods have an incredibly low ROI, and the effort to see them through can be better put to use on other, more contemporary marketing approaches. People react to new and novel advertising much more than they do to common run of the mill gimmicks. In the online world, advertising on Facebook is a potent approach that has been proven to be effective time and again.

Facebook advertising is an effective way of reaching out to potential customers because of the sheer volume of active users on that social networking site. The reach is global, and the potential is staggering if you consider the hundreds of millions of people actively engaged with Facebook. The message carried by your advertising can be viewed practically by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Your advertisement has the potential to be live twenty fours a day, all year long if you so choose. Moreover, your Facebook business presence is like a living online billboard where you can quickly and easily disseminate information to fans of your page. Current and potential customers can engage in discourse, which can only help your business in the long run.

Perhaps the best aspect of joining Facebook and advertising on Facebook is that for each friend or fan that you cultivate, you will also get some measure of visibility to their friends. If those friends become your fan or friend, then their friends in turn can also be made aware of your business. It's a self-developing network, which is why businesses have been flocking to Facebook and establishing their presence. Managing advertising campaigns and pages are so elementary that even the most junior of business staff can be counted on to help. In actuality, the younger generation is probably more in tune with the whole social network phenomenon, and may be quite the expert with Facebook.

"Many businesses, both on and off line, are still at a loss when it comes to advertising on social networks such as Facebook. With our latest product offering, we plan to make the whole process easy and transparent so that our clients can focus on the deluge of new traffic, rather than trying to figure out the minutiae of setting up an online marketing campaign," notes Oliver Allen, the entrepreneur behind O.C.A. Industries.

O.C.A. Industries is an Internet Marketing Agency that specializes in helping small and large businesses capitalize on the potential for traffic from online networks, in particular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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