8 Weeks to Become a PR Pro–Learn Valuable Marketing Secrets at Upcoming Publicity Success Series

Learn how to do your own marketing with 8 weeks training in the PR Success Series. From writing press releases to social media magic it covers it all.

Online PR News – 29-September-2015 – Margate, FL – (September 2015) Most authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, and other business owners want to know how to get more sales, land more clients and speaking engagements, and land on major media outlets like Fox News, CBS and more. They have the product or services required to be successful; they just don’t know the secret to getting the word out. Publicists can be expensive (yet worth it), and do-it-yourself marketing often ends with zippo results. This causes many to simply give up. Fortunately, help is available with the upcoming training program–Publicity Success Series - 8 Weeks to Becoming a PR Pro, offered by PR expert and best-selling author, Diana Ennen, president of Virtual Word Publishing, http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com

The Publicity Success Series is intended to help businesses master proven marketing strategies and learn the essential tools necessary for success. Ennen is launching this program in late October, yet the classes are set up to run continuously so participants can join at any time. A few of the many added benefits include recordings of all classes, a weekly Q&A on PR topics with Ennen, and access to a private Facebook group.

Ennen excels at PR and walks the walk and talks the talk getting clients featured in major media including USA Today, Fox News, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Investors, and too many others to mention. Ennen states, “Marketing is all about doing more things right on a consistent basis. So many today get started and go gangbusters at the beginning and then lose their momentum and crumble quickly. My new program can change all of that. It addresses everything from book marketing to writing killer press releases and so much more. It’s truly has it all.”

A breakdown of the marketing classes includes:

Marketing Plan Class - Develop a plan that works and receive vital marketing tips along the way.

Press Release Writing & Distribution Class – Discover the secrets to press release success and learn how to avoid all those red flags that gets your release destined for the trash bin.

Article Marketing Class – Article marketing has changed so much over the years and what worked last year, simply won’t today. Learn the secrets to article marketing success and more importantly, how to turn your articles into major media mentions.

Pitching the Media Class - Remember the media doesn’t care about you yet! But they will after learning all these pitching basics. Get the attention of editors, bloggers, reviewers and more by writing a pitch that works.

Social Media Marketing Class – Find the secrets to combining your social media and PR together for optimum success. And discover how to maintain a great social media campaign on a limited time frame and budget.

Book Marketing Class – Want tips to sell more books and get more speaking engagements? Then you need to attend this class. Become a best-seller and learn the basics for growing your entire business through your books.

Preparing a Media Kit Class – Some consider preparing a media kit worse than pulling teeth. That’s just because they don’t know the secrets to success. No pain here. This class walks you through the entire process and then shows you how to use your media kit in all of your marketing efforts.

PR Success Secrets – Avoid some of the horror stories that Ennen shares from her 30 years in business while learning the secrets to PR magic.

This class is perfect for all those who want to maximize their marketing as well as those who wish to add PR to their list of services. Sign up today at http://www.prsuccessseries.com. Early bird rates apply. For more information or media interviews contact Ennen at diana@virtualwordpublishing.com.

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