Successful Business Planning with Business Plan Database

Whether you are starting a new business or needing funds in the current credit crunch or want to grow (or save!) your business; writing a business plan must be your first step.

For most people starting a business is easier than starting a business plan and that is where Business Plan Database can help. They provide tens of thousands of words and plans written specifically for over 2,000 different businesses.

Online PR News – 31-March-2009 – – It is obvious that any entrepreneur that invests time and effort in creating a business plan is more likely to succeed. Every entrepreneur has great ideas about their business; putting these into a professionally written business plan makes it more likely that these ideas will be finely tuned, and even put into practice!

24 out of every 25 businesses will never provide a return for their owners, and 24 out of 25 business owners do not plan. Coincidence?

A business is not about giving yourself a job; it is about creating value.

If you are not planning to succeed what are you planning for?

Business Plan Database supply pre-written Business Plans, designed for world-wide use, with a free relevant second business plan. In addition, customers receive over a thousand pages of free extra material full of information about how to succeed in your business. They also provide a free web-site, and a year’s free hosting, for all their customers.

Whether you need an Acupuncture Business Plan or Yoga Instructor Business plan or Video DVD and Computer Game Rental Shop Business Plan or Independent Film and Television Program Making Business Plan; Business Plan Database has a plan for you.

Business Plan Database has -

•Over two thousand business plans, the largest Business Plan Database in the world!

•A pre-written business plan designed to be used anywhere in the World

•A second free relevant business plan

•Free gifts with every order totaling well over ,000 pages of additional documents and templates

•Free website with a year’s free hosting.

•Already sold over 3,000 plans to nearly 2,000 different types of business

•Sold plans to over 128 different countries, and every US State in last five years

•Guides on how to prepare a business loan request, balance sheets and other financial documents and how to market your business.

•Written the plans for use in new and old, big, small or home businesses

All plans supplied within 24 hours and are in MS Word and Excel so there is no software to install and to understand!

About Business Plan Database: was set up in 2003 to provide pre-written business plans. They source business plans from accountants and advisors all over the world and have created thousands of unique business plans based upon the plans that have been used to grow businesses and ensure the business is correctly financed.

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