High Position Search Engine Optimisation And PPC Specialists Return From GACP Summit

High Position team members attend GACP Summit nr San Jose and comment on the latest developments at Google.

Online PR News – 22-September-2010 – – There are always goodies doing the rounds in the High Position Search Engine Optimisation office, usually taking the form of cakes and crisps from someone’s birthday, but today the offerings take the form of Google-branded clothes, pens, pencils and even some books on Analytics, PPC and CRO.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultant Tom Bowden and Pay Per Click Account Manager Michael Scanlon have just returned from the GACP Summit near San Jose, where they spent three days in the company of approximately 250 Google Analytics professionals from around the world. There they listened to keynote speeches from such Google luminaries as Perry Price (Vice President of Agency Development) and Amy Chang (Director of Product Management) and discussed issues relating to the future of search and how Analytics can continue to help businesses in the face of a shifting search landscape and the advent of social media.

Michael had this to say, “It was fascinating being in the heart of Google country. The whole set up is conducive to generating new ideas and getting the best out of people. From the Google coloured bicycles that staff can use to get from place to place on site, to the state of the art conference facilities that enable people to communicate with each other regardless of where they are in the world, everything is geared towards breaking new ground and making things happen”
Tom added, “Having several years experience using Google products and services means I understand what they can deliver and why they are so important, but being able to hear first-hand how Google are developing and improving those products and services really gave me an idea of how they will continue to be relevant and even more important in the years to come.

“It was also refreshing to see how receptive Google are to comments and feedback from people who use Google Analytics on a day-to-day-basis. There were plenty of opportunities for delegates to voice their opinions and concerns and there was a real sense that all input was valuable and worthwhile.” To conclude, Michael stated, “The discussions that I was involved with over the three days were full of exciting ideas and a sense of real optimism. I guess that because Google is such a huge part of our cultural landscape it’s become easy to criticise it as a faceless behemoth, but having been there and seen it for myself I can tell you that’s not the case.”
Michael and Tom clearly enjoyed their time at the Google facility and the High Position search engine optimisation team are pleased to see them back in the office and are looking forwards to hearing what they learned once the jetlag fades.

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