Dads Team to Unveil Best Dad-Endorsed Products for Family
09/22/2010 and Announce the Fall 2010 Winners of Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends Awards

Online PR News – 22-September-2010 – – San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2010 – What do two frogs, a baseball bat, cloth diapers and fresh drinking water all have in common? They’re all the most recent winners of the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends awards. Trusted by some of the toy world’s biggest brands including Lego, Haba USA, and the Magic Schoolbus Series, the combined awards recognize companies whose products and services help strengthen and empower families, and help fathers create memorable, enriching experiences with their children.

“The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends awards recognize companies that go above and beyond in creating products and services that help fathers become better parents and improve the father-child bond,” said GreatDad’s Paul Banas.

“With limited resources and support devoted to fathers, it’s more important than ever to recognize and champion products and services that promote positive parenting and demonstrate a commitment to helping fathers become the parents they want to be,” adds Armin Brott, founder of and author of eight best-selling books on fatherhood, including the recently released third edition of The Expectant Father: Fact, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be.

The Fall 2010 award recipients are:

Pregnancy and Infancy
• Rumparooz Cloth Diapers (KangaCare): These adjustable, hypo-allergenic cloth diapers come in a wide variety of snazzy colors and patterns and the super absorbent, natural material and patented 'gusset' system ensure that even the gooiest messes stay where they're supposed to. Best of all, they encourage dads to get more involved in what we think is a highly underrated way to bond with your baby.
• Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor (Summer Infant): This small, lightweight receiver has a 2.5'' color LCD screen with black and white night vision and LED sound light to see and hear baby's every sound. With a full-color, digital display and pan and zoom features, even the most squirmy baby won't be able to hide.
• Sound Beginnings (Creative Baby, Inc): Sound Beginnings is a comfortable, fabric band that allows mom and dad to share music and voice with baby-to-be safely and easily. An easy-to-use, record-anywhere feature makes it possible for dads (and others) to even record their voice by phone if they can't be there during the pregnancy. A great feature for dads who are deployed or who are on the road a lot.
• First Toddle (First Toddle): Most baby gyms and play blankets are only good for a few months, but First Toddle is designed to stay with your baby to three years. With a soft football, field hockey stick and ball, soccer goal and basketball hoop, this is a budding sports dad's dream. Best of all, there are no batteries, flashing lights or sounds (except for your baby's giggles). Easy set-up and breakdown, and an all-around great way to hang with your baby.
• Sleep Tight and Enjoy the Ride (books by Suzy Martyn): These two slim-but-information-packed books are filled with terrific tips on how to handle some of the most common and vexing problems new parents face. The more confident you feel in your own abilities as a parent, the more comfortable you and your baby will be with each other. And that's an essential part of building a strong relationship.

Toddlers and Preschoolers
• Matryoshka Madness! Nesting Doll (Matryoshka Madness!): One of the best ways to spend quality time with girls is to break out the dolls. These Russian nesting dolls (Matryoshkas) are made of durable ABS plastic to withstand years of play. They also come in a variety of themes, including traditional folk costumes, puppies, and fairies. But in an attempt to woo little boys, there are also pirates, monsters, ninjas, and wrestlers.
• E-Z Bat (Monkey Business Sports): The E-Z Bat baseball toy makes it easier for kids to hit the ball. Good for developing confidence, but also more fun for dad. If you've ever spent a half hour tossing unhit pitches and chasing balls that are behind your child, E-Z Bat is a good option for a more fun-filled practice session until they get old enough to hit the ball.

Elementary School
• Book Pig (Book Pig): This Netflix-style book site helps kids choose a specific number of books to rent each month. The recommendation engine is especially powerful and ensures dads that their kids are safe at a site that only has books that are appropriate for their age. Children's Book award-winner lists also help dads pick out the best books for kids to try.
• EcoAcquarium (Wild Creations): The EcoAquarium is an easy-to-set-up tank that comes complete with two adorable miniature frogs and a year's worth of food. It's extremely easy to take care of and more fun for dads and kids than fish.
• Land of Me Interactive (Made in Me): An interactive 'book' that provides a great opportunity for dads and kids to play together. Kids learn basic concepts like shapes, colors, and numbers. They can choose characters, make plot decisions, and visualize the choices they make. Meanwhile, Dad can read background information to discuss with the kids. Other tools give off-line cutouts of puppets, masks, and maps.

For the Whole Family
• Zuvo Water Purator (Zuvo): An eco-friendly solution for making tap water safe for the whole family to drink. We liked how easy it was to install on a standard faucet, and the kids enjoy watching it working as the water bubbles through the cool blue UV light. Plus it satisfies a little bit of that provide-protector trait that so many dads have.

The Mr.Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends awards were launched to recognize deserving products and services that give fathers the resources, tools and information they need to parent effectively and enrich the lives of their children. Awarded quarterly, the seal is widely recognized and valued by consumers and provides an opportunity for increased brand recognition and credibility for companies. For more information or to apply, go to

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