DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase Offers Facial Rejuvenation During Sleep

The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase acts as a facial rejuvenation system by reducing the appearance of sleep wrinkles and facial fine lines. DreamSkin’s Juvetex fabric is proven to help retain more facial moisture than cotton, silk, and satin pillowcases.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – CAH, Inc is now offering the DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase, an anti-aging product designed to moisturize and rejuvenate the face during sleep. The moisturizing pillowcase is constructed from a new groundbreaking Juvetex fabric, formulated by Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, a medical doctor, skin physiologist, and author of Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition.

In a clinical study comparing DreamSkin’s JuveTex fabric to cotton, JuveTex retained more water and prevented more moisture from escaping the skin during sleep. Moisture loss is the leading cause of sleep lines, fine lines, and facial wrinkles. Sleep lines are primarily caused when the face rests against cotton, silk, or satin fabric, eventually turning these lines into permanent wrinkles. According to Dr. Pugliese, these fabrics actually pull moisture from the skin and become damp, causing the skin to adhere to the creased surface.

By contrast, the DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase absorbs only excess moisture from the skin, leaving a smooth surface on the face. The JuveTex fabric contains no creams or chemicals and is woven into 22,000 microfibers per square inch. The high thread count provides a soft cushioning effect that causes less pressure on the delicate facial skin. Less friction is proven to result in healthier hair and skin and provide facial rejuvenation.

“This new category in beauty sleep will change the future of skin care. DreamSkin is the world’s first and only pillowcase that actually acts like an anti-aging cream,” says co-inventor Susan J. Leslie.

The DreamSkin Anti-Aging Beauty Pillowcase is available exclusively at www.dreamskinpillowcase.com for $39.99. The DreamSkin pillowcase naturally hydrates by helping the skin retain moisture, leaving the face softer and more radiant. Sleeping on DreamSkin’s pillowcase cover nightly also provides the proper moisture balance for the hair, resulting in less hair breakage and 'bed head'. Line extensions with the JuveTex fabric are now available for licensing.

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