Safe Card ID Bringing Evolis Printer Models and ID Card Software to Online Store

In an effort to accommodate the security needs of today’s business managers and owners, is expanding its line of ID card software and photo ID printers. The Evolis Printer brand will be offered on its website to aid business owners in their quest for new and innovative personnel security systems.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – –, a trusted leader in the industry of youth fingerprinting kits and photo ID security badges is expanding its current lineup to offer id card software, photo ID printers, and identification cards and supplies. Along with its Zebra and Fargo printers, Safe Card ID now offers customers a lineup of quality Evolis printer models for use in producing employee photo ID badges in-house.

In the late 80s, the Safe Card ID company was built by Greg Stephens. At that time, Stephens’s goal was to give law enforcement officers and parents a better way to protect young children from abduction. The fingerprinting and safety ID cards produced by Safe Card ID helped make it possible to disseminate distinguishing characteristics of missing and kidnapped children so that they might be found and rescued more quickly. Since then, however, Stephens has also noticed that business security needs were also changing, and he decided to expand his company to help business owners protect their most valuable assets—their employees.

Since the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, more business owners are recognizing the need for personnel ID badges to safeguard their employees and their clients and customers. Photo ID systems allow business owners the opportunity to rev up their overall security programs, and many are using photo ID programs to add an extra layer of protection for their companies. With features like door lock access control, these enhanced security measure make it possible to protect confidential client information, trade secrets, and intellectual property. From government offices to hospitals, factories, and law offices, photo ID badge systems can enhance overall security in a variety of ways.’s founder and owner, Gary Stephens, notes that printing employee ID badges in-house is an effective solution that will not break the bank. It can help promote the security of employees, vendors, and customers alike, and even give shareholders an added sense of confidence in their investments. For years, safety consultants have recommended implement a photo ID system because they can protect a business in a number of different ways. First, they increase employee awareness, particularly when unauthorized or unidentified visitors try to find a way to access sensitive documents. With enhanced security, it is easier to determine when employees enter and leave company grounds for work.

Standard photo IDs can be enhanced with ID card software and magnetic stripe encoding. This means they can be used in combination with electronic door access and time clocks for even more security. In the event of a security breach, individual employee records can be scoured to find out whether or not someone was on the premises at the time of the event.

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