CB Radio WebSite To Celebrate One Web Day with One Day Conference

As part of the celebrations for One Web Day, specialist CB and 10 meter radio site ThorsCBradio.com will hold a one day conference and exhibition to celebrate the World Wide Web.

Online PR News – 22-September-2010 – – Springfield, Oregon September 21th, 2010.

Thorscbradio.com first opened for business in August 2010. Since then the site has exceeded expectations and sales have been roughly double the amount predicted. Company President Jeff Harkins attributes the site's success to a lack of availability. 'It's almost impossible to find a national retailer who stocks CB radio' says Harkins, 'and we believe this, plus excellent customer service, is the reason for our success.'

Harkins, together with parnter David Thorson, intends to build ThorsCBRadio.com to become the premier CB site on the web, providing CB base stations, hand held CB radios, mobile CB radios and antennas as well as the larger, more powerful 10 meter radio sets.
Although CB radio is not as popular as it was during the 1970's, amateur radio in general is staging a comeback as more and more users find that it can't be replaced by cellphones which operate on very different principles.
Because CB radio is a broadcast medium which doesn't require the operator to know who will receive his signal, CB is the only way to make contact with other drivers if you're looking for information on weather conditions or the road ahead. It is also useful in cases of emergency as Highway Patrol vehicles and State Troppers monitor CB's channel 9, which is usually designated the 'emergency' channel.
But cellphone technology has had its impact on CB radio. Bluetooth connectivity has been responsible for many changes in this important market, making CB radios even more useful to travellers and those who venture to the less populated areas of the USA. This new technology will form the centerpiece of ThorsCBRadio.com's one day conference and exhibition.
'It's one thing to read about new technology - quite another to see it demonstrated' says Harkins. 'Our aim is to provide an opportunity to see, touch and experience the new CB radio in a friendly and informal setting. One Web Day is an opportunity to do that at the same time as celebrating the openness of the web, without which we wouldn't be able bring these products to our customers. ' Attendees can expect in-depth discussion and demonstration of the company's new range of radio equipment as well as talks from the major manufacturers.

Large scale emergencies, such as hurricane Katrina, always highlight the usefulness of CB and amateur radio generally. 'When power goes out, the world relies on amateur radio' says Harkins, 'we'd like to be sure people are prepared in advance.'
The first One Web Day was held in 2006 as a celebration of the inclusive nature of the world wide web. The idea originated with Susan Crawford, a Professor of internet and Communications Law, and former Special Assistant to President Obama for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. The goal of One Web Day is to make internet users aware of the unique nature of the Internet, its shared, global ownership and use of open standards.
'Although we all use the web', says Harkins, ' many are still unaware of how truly global and open it is, and this makes us all vulnerable. At present no government, no individual, no coporation has overall control of the internet. Business owners and consumers alike need to understand and support that as well as resisting change.'
For more information about ThorsCBRadio.com contact company President Jeff Harkins on 866 611 9549. For more information about One Web Day visit http://onewebday2010.org/