Ringofchampion.com Pays Tribute to 2015 NBA Champions with Custom-Designed Men’s Rings

Ringchampion.com, an online store, got inspired by the struggle of the champions and paid tribute to them through custom-designed men’s rings.

Online PR News – 17-September-2015 – USA – USA - Winning the NBA championship is a matter of pride for any side in the USA and that is what Golden State Warriors achieved this year. Ringofchampion.com, an online store that specializes only in designing champion’s rings, dedicated their latest design to the champions of 2015, the Golden State Warriors. The jewellers working for the store designed a replica champions ring for the 2015 NBA champions. The owners of the online men’s ring store told the press that the replica NBA championship rings available through their store are all available at a much lower price than the originals.

Ringofchampion.com owners also put emphasis on their claim of quality. They underscored that the replica championship rings that they offer are of equal quality as the original NBA championship rings. They said that the replica rings are modelled after the authentic NBA championship rings only and that their designers have been directly inspired by the designs of the original championship rings. When asked about the material quality of the championship rings, the owners of the online ring store told that they use the same materials as the materials used in making the original championship rings. “We do not glue the stones and all the stones are actually prong set. The rings are available in three materials, copper, silver and yellow gold and one may also choose a wide range of standard American sizes”, said a product quality analyst working with the company.

Ringofchampion.com is by nature a sports fanatic’s shop. The online store sells all sorts of championship rings to celebrate the legacy of NBA championship and basketball in America. Recently, the CEO of Ringofchampion.com told the press that their underlying aim is to promote the game of basketball in America and beyond. “We are here to intensify and spread the passion for the game of basketball. We know many American kids are now choosing soccer over basketball or baseball. But these are quintessentially American games and we need to keep the passion alive. The replica NBA championship rings would help us in promoting basketball, at least I believe so”, said the CEO during the press conference.

About the Company

Ringofchampion.com is an online store selling men’s rings and sports league rings.

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