Account Executive Todd Brouillette Offers Clients the Best in Cloud-Based Storage Technology

Cloud Computing Specialist Todd Brouillette is proud to currently serve as Executive Account Manager for his company, a known leader in cloud-based technology.

Online PR News – 17-September-2015 – USA – A leading Cloud-based technology company, well-known throughout the world for providing clients high-quality cloud-based services for many years, has recently named longtime sales professional Todd Brouillette an Executive Account Manager for its Data Storage division. Data storage is an important part of the considerably large company, and Brouillette is confident he can continue to perform successfully in the position for many years to come; one where is afforded the opportunity to help businesses manage and store their data in intelligent ways. Brouillette helps companies migrate their data to Cloud-based servers managed by his firm as an alternative to keeping all of their important analytics onsite and within their own servers. Brouillette understands that keeping data stored within the Cloud helps to keep it more secure, and can offer companies easier access to their data while allowing them the chance to take advantage of their data analytics.
In a business world increasingly dominated by big data, the storage of data, and the analysis of that data, has become more important than ever before, particularly as companies vie for the same customer bases and for increased Internet traffic to drive sales. Big data has played a huge role in how businesses plan to expand in the future, and Todd Brouillette hopes to continue to provide Cloud storage services to all of his clients as a member of his company. With Brouillette’s more prominent role in the marketing and sales of Cloud-based storage systems, he figures to be on the front lines of the evolving business landscape in Los Angeles.
Todd Brouillette is passionate about big data and Cloud storage. He is also, however, passionate about rock ’n’ roll. He started his own concert promotion company, Metal 4 Breakfast, in the hopes that he can help keep rock alive in the LA region. Metal 4 Breakfast primarily organizes concerts for charitable causes, and over the years. Brouillette has continually brought in numerous talented local bands to play at local venues throughout the area, raising money while bringing the best sounds of rock to as many people in LA as possible.
Todd Brouillette has organized many concerts since he started Metal 4 Breakfast. In 2013, Brouillette brought the Moby Dicks, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, to the Viper Room in Los Angeles. It was here that they performed the famous Zeppelin show “A Day on the Green” in its entirety. He also convinced the band to recreate a Zeppelin show from 1973 in Tampa Bay, which is still the most attended single band concert in rock history.
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