Consumers Seeking Ways to Unlock iPhone 3.1 Following OS Upgrade

Friday 11th September 2009: Following Apple Inc.'s release of their upgraded iPhone operating system

Online PR News – 15-September-2009 – – California, United States –Tuesday 15th September 2009: Following Apple Inc.'s release of their upgraded iPhone operating system (version 3.1) on 09/09/09, consumers are flocking towards retailers of software than can unlock iPhone 3.1 and 3g models. The upgraded OS now supports iTunes 9, has anti-phishing warnings for Safari users and gives better Wi-Fi performance when BlueTooth is being used, amongst other new functions.

For some consumers these new benefits are almost useless as they're unable to connect to a network with the handset. For each country Apple Inc. the company have signed an exclusive deal with just one network, so any user who lives in an area without that specific network's coverage cannot use their iPhone. That is, unless they unlock iPhone 3.1 upgraded handsets with software from companies such as iPhone Unlocking Solutions, based in California, US.

“iPhone upgrades such as the one released on September 9th always attract new customers” Says the CEO of iPhone Unlocking Solutions Michael Cera, “but we find it unfair that simply because of someone's location they're unable to join in. Our software can unlock iPhone 3.1 upgraded handsets so that everyone can use them and with any desired service provider.”

iPhone Unlocking Solutions have been providing software to unlock iPhone handsets since their launch almost five years ago. With over 1.5 million iPhone handsets unlocked by their software sold and downloaded online, iPhone Unlocking Solutions have positive expectations for sales over the remaining quarter of 2009; particularly when the ability to send MMS becomes a reality on September 25th.

Rising numbers of Apple consumers are turning their attentions to online software that can unlock iPhone 3.1 handsets, following the release of a new iPhone OS upgrade. The best selling technology is exclusive to one network per country, meaning isolated customers need ways to unlock iPhone 3g handsets so they work with other providers. The prevalence of this software from companies such as iPhone Unlocking Solutions is expected to rise for future iPhone upgrades.

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