RazoracK Prepares to Drop Two New Music Videos and Several New Songs!

Innovative EDM artist and producer RazoracK has a busy road ahead with new and exciting collaborations planned for the next year!

Online PR News – 15-September-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Musician and producer Omri Efrat, better known as RazoracK, will be embarking on multiple new and exciting projects and collaborations over the next year that are guaranteed to make you want to rock out and get your groove on like few other artists can.

While RazoracK is known predominantly throughout the music scene for his innovative approach to EDM with is unique incorporation of hardcore and screamo elements, which makes for a heavy rock vibe combined with a danceable beat, his music is in no way devoid of emotion, a rarity when it comes to other mainstream producers in the genre.

The first of the internationally known artist's collaborations involves working with Ukrainian duo Abandoned. Linijka Szeligowski and Shayan Khast Khodaei of Abandoned admit, "When we heard Omri's music online we really thought that he had something new and interesting in his hands, we knew we had to work with him. Our emotional melodic dubstep music with his energy, personal vocals and writing was something we couldn't pass on, and now we have two songs coming up together that are truly remarkable"

RazoracK also wrapped production on the lyric music video for his song "The Death of Osiris," which will be released later this month, followed up by the music video for his song "Other Side."

The video for "Other Side" incorporates animation with actual footage and involved a heavy use of green screen. According to the artist, the song is about removing yourself from cycles and from other people's expectations of you.

"This is the first time I wrote a song that is actually pretty optimistic and positive and the point of the song is to get people to "see with their own eyes" - and I'm talking about the job you choose, the way you dress and the life choices you make," admits RazoracK.

"It's about you choosing for your self and not out of fear or habit. The music video is going to be semi animated and it's going to be me, breaking out of a cycle and helping other people change their "boring" lives."

The Death of Osiris

As for his song "The Death of Osirs," the piece focuses heavily on schizophrenia, a topic that he researched extensively in the process of creating the song.

"It's definitely my darkest and most twisted project to date," says RazoracK.
"I am collaborating on that song with Netanel Hodes , a scream vocalist from my home town Eilat. The lyric video is going to be very much like the song - dark, scary and twisted."

Though these will not be the artist's first music videos, anyone who has seen his previous releases knows that the release of a RazoracK video warrants putting a mark on the calendar.

Over the years RazoracK has amassed a dedicated international fan base, in fact some of his fans have even created their music videos for his songs. In 2012 Project ECHO Studios took it upon themselves to create a music video for his song "Tough Luck."

RazoracK recalls, "I got an email from [Project ECHO Studios] saying that they made a video game themed music video for it. I was blown away because it was so amazing."

However, this is not the only time that this has happened. Earlier this year Panoptic Studios created a music video for RazoracK's funky glitch-hop hit "Dirty," which you can find through the his YouTube Channel.

The team at Panoptic Studios says, "We really like working on his music because it is quite amazing and intense, and we can't wait to work on future releases!"

The artist, who has been playing drums for 12 years and the keyboard for six, first began making his own beats back home in Israel at age 11. Since then he has had incredible success touring the world in both the EDM and hardcore scenes, two vastly different genres that he has managed to bridge together in a totally new genre, which has recently come to be known as Rockstep.

RazoracK has performed at some of the biggest events around the globe including Loud and Clear in Holland, Rave of Honors, Hangar Night and Extreme Sport Sail in Israel, and many others.

He admits, "For me being on stage is almost like a dreamy haze. It's the most fun place in the world and it always feels like a mere second has passed even though the show could have been an hour long."

What is even more special about his skill beyond his ability to put on a great show and keep the crowd's energy level up however, is that he has parlayed his abilities into producing projects for other artists like Israel's Distorted Harmony and Evyatar Sivan.

Over the last nine years RazoracK has mastered the art of computer production, but he doesn't dote his talents upon just any artist, instead he has some pretty specific requirements for those that he works with.

He explains, "I like to hear the artist vision. If an artist tells me that the vision of a song is to get him money – I probably won't work with them, but if an artist tells me his vision is to change the music industry or help someone get over a relationship or even global domination – that's already interesting to me."

In addition to the upcoming release of the music videos for his songs "Other Side" and "The Death of Osiris," and his collaboration with the melodic dubstep duo Abandoned, fans can also look forward to the release of RazoracK's newest song "No Cops," which is slated to drop later this year.