Hollywood’s Next Buzzy Documentary “The Refugee Project” Aims to Make a Difference in America

Everything’s Taken Productions, a Los Angeles based production company, has started funding a documentary feature “The Refugee Project”.

Online PR News – 15-September-2015 – Houston, TX – Everything’s Taken Productions, a Los Angeles based production company, has started funding a documentary feature “The Refugee Project.” The film will explore the American Refugee Resettlement Program, a program instituted by the government that assists refugees and those seeking asylum in America, as well as the escalating refugee crisis within our country.

The American Refugee Resettlement Program was instituted more than 30 years ago, and hasn't been updated since. Its infrastructure is severely out of date and isn't meeting the needs of the extremely vulnerable people it serves. The film will shed light on some of these issues, how we can all help and highlight an organization that is creating change.

The story follows four refugee women, in different stages of their journey of resettlement in Houston, Texas and one Texas native who has committed her life to help them by creating an organization called “The Refugee Project”. Follow their journey toward the "American Dream" and find out how we can all help to create change and equality. Engaging, intriguing and somewhat heartbreaking, the Refugee Project is ultimately a story of hope and new beginnings.

“The Refugee Project has an important story to be told,” says actress and producer, Lennan Kay. “These women have gone through struggles most of us here in America can’t even imagine. Many of the women in these camps spend their entire lives waiting to be relocated to a place where they can rebuild and raise their families, then once they get here they realize the battle has just begun. The Refugee Project fights the battle alongside these women for better lives.”

Everything’s Taken Productions asks for the help of the community in reaching their IndieGoGo goal by October 11th to make this this documentary a reality. In exchange for contributing, not only will backers be able to help change the face of refugees within our country, but also get involved in the making of the film. Some of the perks being offered are anything from official film posters signed by the creators, to a day on set so you can hear these women’s stories in person, or a producer role in the making of the film.

“This is about creating change. We need to tell this story because people don't realize how much the refugees settled in our country still need our help, and now with the growing number of refugees settling in the US, this topic is more critical than ever.” Says Executive Producer, Sophie Gotberg. “Telling this story is part of a global initiative that saves not just the lives of these four women in Texas, but can shed light on a topic that affects hundred’s of thousands of people every year from all over the world. To do that, we need your help.”

To help The Refugee Project and Everything’s Taken Productions please visit their Indie- Go- Go page here: http://igg.me/at/therefugeeproject. You can also visit Everything’s Taken at www.everythingstakenproductions.com to find more ways you can help.


Everything’s Taken Productions is a production company based in Los Angeles, founded by actors/producers: Sophie Gotberg, Rosette Laursen, Stacey Woods, and Lennan Kay. They combine fresh vision and creative experience to create outside of the box content that is exciting and thought provoking. Some of their credits include the upcoming comedy web series “Book Club for Ladies”, and short film “Drive By” set to hit the festival circuit in 2016. For more information please visit www.everythingstakenproductions.com or email us at info@everythingstakenproductions.com.