A Reinsurance Company Successfully Used SysTools Export Notes Tool

A reinsurance company used SysTools Export Notes software for messaging platform migration from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. The company successfully performed the migration and found the product to be very easy-to-use.

Online PR News – 22-September-2010 – – SysTools Export Notes software proved very useful for Enstar Limited Reinsurance Company, which is presently operational in five countries. The company successfully migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook Email (http://www.convertnsf.com/lotus-notes-to-outlook-email) environment seamlessly with the help of Export Notes.

The company was leveraging Lotus Notes application for meeting their messaging requirements for over last 5 years. Prominent reasons viewed to migrate to a non Lotus Notes environment were the E-mail database size limitation, need for better collaboration and need for better third-party support and service. Among the benefits seen for choosing the new platform, the most prominent ones were the collaboration, third-party support & service, and ease to find such employees who had prior experience to work on this email platform. The average volume of emails exchanged over a period of one month was around 150,000 emails transported per month. The average size of the mailbox was around 2 GB.

SysTools Export Notes was used for doing the migration. The product was used to export a few databases from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST (http://www.lotustooutlook.com/). Export Notes was found to be a very easy of use tool for this migration. No problems were encountered and the migration process was smooth. The product was liked by the company and was found to be a solution that works all the time and is easy to use. The company delightfully stated, “Product that works all the time and it is easy to use. I liked it.”

About this successful use of Export Notes by the client company, Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) proudly states, “We, at SysTools, are delighted to witness the successful completion of the messaging platform migration from Notes to Outlook by one of our esteemed clients. The reinsurance company made use of our Export Notes tool for this purpose and gave the feedback with an expression of approval and commendation, which is valuable to us.”