AMDC Enhances Patient Access to Dental Care in Dubai

AMDC is offering the community in Dubai the best access to dental clinics in Dubai with the most reasonable payment plans and options as well.

Online PR News – 15-September-2015 – Dubai 14 Sept – The American Medical & Dental Center (AMDC) are taking steps to ensure that individuals of all ages have access to the best dental care by the dental clinic in Dubai. Today, the practice announced that it is enhancing its range of dental care in order to improve access and provide a range of dental care treatments to communities in Dubai and expatriates, not only in terms of dental treatment and procedures but also by offering the best payment plans and options.
“Our priority is to provide individuals and younger patients with the best dental care and access to the best Dentists in Dubai, as many individuals around the world and in certain parts of the Middle East are facing problems with finding the best dental benefits,” said the dentist at AMDC. “Apart from the cost, one of the most important concerns facing an individual is the question of insurance coverage of many of the costly treatments. This issue often deters individuals from seeking remedies for dental conditions such as dental implants and veneers. Our priority is to better serve our patients in a more cost-effective and comprehensive treatment network choices.”
“We are very excited about the range of dental treatments we offer at AMDC” said the dental surgeon Dubai. “The strength of our proprietary network in the Dubai service area will create significant access and savings for many of our patients, giving quality dental treatment to everyone.”
AMDC is one of the few dental clinics in Dubai that benefits patients with insurance plans, and accommodate those insurance plan holders. We are one of the few dental clinics in Dubai to provide dental benefits and offers that are flexible and customized to suit each and every one of our valued patients."
“We already have a strong plethora of dental products that is available nationwide, yet we are continuing to look at many options to help ensure that we are the first choice with each and every one of our patients. Even though many dental practices in the area might be coming up with new competitive strategies to reflect a new health care market and there is a possibility that even employers will continue to offer their employees with better dental health care packages to suit every need and budget".
Research suggested that the demand for employer-sponsored health insurance, especially for dental care will remain relatively stable but the longer-term impact, over the next 10 to 20 years, is still uncertain. Circumstances affecting a longer-term scenario could include larger employers choosing to reduce employee health benefits and others then following suit.
“Either way, AMDC is prepared to serve and give patients better access to dental care facilities in Dubai" concluded the Dentist.

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AMDC has been in the UAE at Dubai Healthcare City since 2006 and offers gentle and compassionate care, without stress or anxiety in a comfortable environment with a human touch. Our doctors take personal interest in the patient. Our practice pays special emphasis on quality, while giving patients the benefit of affordable, state-of-the-art medical and dental care.

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