PPC Revenge 2.0 Review - Young Entrepreneur Makes More than $3k Weekly

Google's biggest rival, MSN Adwords, proves to be more profitable for affiliate marketers looking to make money with PPC Campaigns.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – Jacobo Benitez, esteemed author of the acclaimed AdWords Profits 2, is at it again. He is set to launch the PPC Revenge 2.0 this coming September 21, 2010.

The product itself is an in-depth analysis of PPC campaigns. This could be well separated from the existing PPC blueprints as it mainly focuses on Google’s biggest rival, MSN AdCenter.

He said that the product will aid the user how to take advantage of and forge the most lucrative MSN AdCenter Bing campaigns. Strategies on utilizing ClickBank and Tracking 202 effectively also serve as main selling points of PPC Revenge 2.0. Benitez enables customers to test drive the product with a 60 day zero risk guarantee.

More specifically, the Action Plan PDFs concentrate on the complete how-to guides on earning massive affiliate income with PPC by working on a platform that promises to provide way inexpensive, easier and swifter results than what Google currently offers. The Action Plan videos hand over detailed guides on choosing the best affiliate products, setting up, testing and tracking campaigns.

Benitez shared, “After Google destroyed my business, I raked in $3, 754.82 in 7 days by harnessing the power of their deadliest rival (MSN AdCenter). The best part is that now there’s no more risk of getting shut down, slapped around or priced out of town.”

He further said that MSN can be better for marketers for three main reasons. It is cheaper, offers almost zero competition and more targeted. With the millions of affiliates, marketers and companies absorbed in AdWords, the competition is too stiff for any niche.

Yet with AdCenter and given the MSN’s capability to attract higher buying traffic, earning a massive income is not a far cry from happening, explained Benitez.

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