New Vision introduces new phaco-emulsifier as part of cataract treatment

Online PR News – 14-September-2015 – Dubai – Dubai has recently seen the rise of different eye surgery clinics cropping up. As more emphasis is being placed on eye-health and the importance of maintaining good vision, people are beginning to recognise the early symptoms of conditions so they may be able to receive treatment as soon as possible. It also means they are more aware and educated about the factors which affect their eye health negatively.

Some of the common problems reported from New Vision, a revolutionary eye surgery clinic in Dubai include LASIK treatment, treatment for cataract, retinal surgery, macular treatment and treatments for keratoconus. Eye problems are most commonly traced back to genetics although a balanced lifestyle also plays a role. Consumption of dark green, leafy vegetables are known to be packed with nutrients beneficial for the eye.

While New Vision reports in a high number of patients coming in for LASIK treatment in Dubai, the key highlight for the clinic is their integration of the phaco-emulsification technique to revolutionise their cataract treatments. As a clinic that is committed to consistent research and development, they are ahead of the pack with their state-of-the-art equipment and have made progress with the induction of this method along with advancements in technology to be the best option for LASIK treatment in Dubai.

Before understanding phaco-emulsification, a look at cataract is necessary. Cataract is a condition where a thin milky-white cloud forms over the eye. This causes a block in vision and makes it difficult to go about your day-to-day activities. In some cases, this can even spread to both eyes in which case a surgery is most definitely recommended. Phaco- emulsification is rather similar to LASIK treatment in Dubai as both involve incisions that need to be made in the eye.

As mentioned above, the first step of phaco-emulsification is to create incisions in the eye that would enable the surgeon to operate further with other instruments that need to be inserted. Phaco-emulsification is performed through the use of a machine that consists of fluid dynamics controlled by a micro-processor. As cataract is related to the clouding of the eye lens, the surgery involves removing this lens. On the contrary, LASIK treatment in Dubai does not include any form of removal, but mainly deals with the sculpting of the cornea depending on the bulge that determines light refraction which is what determines vision clarity.

The machine that performs phaco-emulsification is called a phaco-emulsifier which New Vision has acquired in their clinic in order to provide their patients with a more efficient treatment option. How it works is, the machine breaks the cataract apart into smaller pieces and is then sucked out through one of the incisions created.

‘We are very excited about acquiring the phaco-emulsifier into our clinic as part of our cataract treatment. Up until recently, cataract was removed in one single piece which meant the need for larger incisions causing more pain and trauma to the eye including longer recovery time. Just as LASIK treatment in Dubai and worldwide began adapting bladeless technology as a means of efficient eye treatment, cataract treatment also just got a whole lot easier for the surgeon and patient both. We are both proud and pleased to be able to offer cataract treatment through the use of phaco-emulsification at New vision.’ – Dr. Safwan Al Bayati

New Vision can be found at the Al Razi Builidng, Dubai Healthcare City. If you would like to book in a consultation you can call them on +971 4451 9595.